Wow, Monday is here…Monday is gone.  It has been one FAST day.

The morning started out with a THRIVE SHAKE + a doctor’s appointment.  I put my Thrive Shake into this awesome new Tervis Tumbler I got for Christmas so I could take it on the go with me as I drove to Jasper to see the foot doctor.

sunday thrive

gold nails

Love it!

The verdict from the doctor’s visit:  X-rays were taken of my ankle and I do not have any broken bones.  Yay.  Bad news…I either have severe tendonitis in my posterior tibial tendon, or worse: it may be torn.  I am supposed to ICE, ICE, ICE & take ALEVE and/or MOTRIN for the next 2 or 3 weeks.  And wear a boot…this may be stretching my limits.  An ankle brace, I can do.  A boot…ugh.

After the doctor’s visit came work.  I was hungry by the time I left my appointment, so at around 10:30 I whipped open the mid-morning snack which would turn into my lunch since I got very busy upon arriving at work.

think thin monday

ThinkThin Protein Bar

Work flew by today.  It was a VERY busy day at the Y.  Before I knew it, the clock read 4 o’clock and I was SO hungry!! I knew I needed to take a break to eat something before I was nick-named Ms. Grouch.  I get so cranky when I am hungry.  If I go more than 3-4 hours without a snack or a meal, watch out!  (That is why I always pack snacks.  I really do not do it for me, I do it for those that are with me.  So they do not have to put up with my horrible mood-swings I have when I am hungry.)  I pulled out my lunch box & was going to open a can of soup I had picked up at the store. Come to find out, we did not have a can opener at work to use.  Nix that idea.  No soup.  I settled for some carrots & hummus I had also packed (thank goodness for a back-up!)

chipotle pepper hummus

Ate Carrots with this Chipotle Pepper Hummus (yum!)

I was off work at 4:30, but ended up going until 5 or so since I could not do my normal routine of hitting the treadmill to warm up!  Not being able to end work and hop on the treadmill in order to enjoy some music + unwind before BodyPUMP absolutely SUCKED.  Did I mention how much I hate having an injured ankle?  No way I am going to be able to make it without running at all for 3 weeks.  One week, maybe.  Three, not going to happen.

I did some upper body machines in the Wellness Center for about 20 minutes when I ‘closed up shop’ for the day at my desk & then taught some BodyPUMP – Coaching through the lunge track and doing one legged squats on my left leg.  I was able to get a good upper body workout in & my left leg feels as though it had a decent workout, too!

I had plans to enjoy some bowling tonight with two friends after leaving the Y…just for something different to do.  By the time we got to the bowling alley, there were no open lanes available to bowl.  We settled on a trip to Orange Leaf instead.

orange leaf kt

KT’s Orange Leaf Mixture

I was dissing the place on the drive over because my first experience there was not a good one.  I take my negative comments back.  All of them!  This visit was AWESOME.  I went with Peanut Butter (OMG, so delicious!) and Chocolate (this one was too sweet) and just a little sprinkle of Butterfinger shavings on top.  The Peanut Butter yogurt  Or I was just really hungry.

After a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then dropping off the others who accompanied me, I finally made it home to make my real supper at about 9. Late time to fix dinner, I know.  But I needed some NUTRIENTS, people!!

I settled on:

veggie soup

The Soup I had pack for lunch.

veggie soup 2

The veggie soup was AMAZING! ~ Definitely will be buying another can soon.

Going to be honest: I did not get around to thinking of my 2014 goals.  Need to get on that ASAP, as tomorrow is December 31st.  I plan to think on that as I lie in bed tonight.  Hope you are working on yours.  Be sure to write them down.

Hope you were all able to get in your SWEATY workout today & I hope you all were THANKFUL for your ability to exercise.  I cannot wait to get in some cardio sessions.  Why is it that you always want what you cannot have?  Or want to do what you are unable to?  Now that I cannot run (or do hardly any cardio machine), that is all that is on my mind.  Oh my, has it been two weeks yet? Winking smile

Until next time ~

commit to be fit

In 2014!