Is it Sunday already?  Goodness. 

I do LOVE Sundays.  Especially when they involve church at CCJ.  I slept in, went to the 10 o’clock service, then headed home to enjoy a SHAKE!!!

thrive shake pic sunday

Thrive Shake for Breakfast

My shake ingredients have not changed at all (does that surprise you?) – Still using the same combo of: strawberries, blurbs, almond milk, and a little H20. Plus one packet of THRIVE nutrient mix. Blend it all up and it creates one. scrumptious. nutritious. breakfast.

Gym time was on the agenda today.  I wanted to be going over to the Y for a run (or even taking a run outside since it felt so nice out), but…that was not going to happen (sad face + a tear or two).

When driving to the Y, I decided I would focus on my core by doing CX Worx 13.  I did it twice through, but skipped over two tracks that involved heavy use of my legs/ankles.  My core was feeling STRONG by the end of the 50 minute CX session.  I also did some BodyPUMP 88 – three of the upper body tracks:  Triceps, Biceps, and Shoulders. ~ Overall, the workout ‘worked.’  It was no calorie blasting run by any means.  Rather, a sculpting & toning session, I suppose. 

Post Workout Eats:

banana sunday

A perfectly ripe Banana ~ I have not eaten a banana in weeks.

It tasted AMAZING.

I also snacked on:

salt and pepper pistachios sunday

Salt & Pepper Pistachios!

Do you see my nails in the above pic?  Aren’t they awesome?! 


I am loving the GOLD ~ new color I picked up, as I saw it fitting for the Holidays.

For Dinner this evening:

salad sunday dec 29

Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Craisens, Walnuts, Pepper, and Reserve Blend Cheese

I was going to make a sweet potato, but a salad just sounded so yummy.  So, I went with the salad instead & also had to get my protein fix:

chicken sunday dec 29

Three Grilled Chicken Tenderloins:  2 BBQ + 1 Fajita seasoned

Right around the corner is a NEW YEAR – 2014 is coming quick! Do you have your goals written out yet?  Goals are next on my agenda this evening  – to think about what I want to accomplish in 2014.  I like to write out my goals in the back of my planner.  That way, I always have them to refer to throughout the entire year.  The best part is crossing them off once they are accomplished!!  I can think of one fitness goal off hand currently.

500 festival pic

A 2014 Fitness goal of mine:  To complete the Indy Mini in under 2 hours.  I have completed this race twice in the past and finished around 2:03 both times.  My goal time for the 2014 Indy Mini will be a finish of 1:55 (or under that, of course)!

I will fill you in on more 2014 goals after tonight. 


I am off to get my things together for work tomorrow (pack lunch, workout clothes, etc.) and then ICE my ankle while I say a few prayers for quick healing. 

Please take advantage of your ability to move by being sure to get in one heck-of-a KICK-A** workout tomorrow!  Be it Cardio or Strength Training, I do not care…just get in the gym & get SWEATY people!

Until next time ~

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