Oh my, how time flies. 

So sorry I have been MIA these past several days.  It was not my intention, but I had no spare moment to sit down and type.  I have been go, go, go since Christmas day.  Tonight, it feels so good to just be at home…relaxing.

How have your eating habits been over the Holidays?  Are you at least trying to eat healthy and keep up your exercise regimen?  I hope so! 

My eating habits have been exceptionally well overall this holiday season.  I have enjoyed a few holiday sweet treats, but all in _________________.  Yes, you can fill in the blank with the ‘m’ word. MODERATION.  The only day I have gone without my THRIVE shake was on Christmas Day.  I wanted to enjoy a shake on Christmas morning, but being that I did not get my gym-time in as planned, I opted to skip the shake and wait for lunch to roll around.

Exercise & the gym…now there is an area I need to fill you in on. 

Christmas Eve I set my workout clothes & gym bag on my bed and had it all ready to go so I could be extra quiet getting ready to leave for the Y on Christmas morning. 

christmas eve set up

Game-plan was to get up at 6:00AM on Christmas morning for a cardio session at the Y before we had Christmas at our house.  I was so tired on Christmas Eve by the time I went to bed, I fell asleep with phone (what I use for my alarm-clock) in hand before I had SET my morning alarm.  Woke in the same position at 7:30 Christmas morning.  We were planning to open gifts around 8:30-9:00AM.  Needless to say, I was ‘ticked’ (to keep it appropriate) ~ So much for the Christmas morning workout I had planned.


The day after Christmas, I could not WAIT to get into the gym and onto a treadmill…I had ‘ants in my pants!’ after skipping the workout on Christmas.  I was up at 5:30 and at the Y around 6:00 to get in some quality treadmill time before I had to work on Thursday.  While it was a great run, I wish now I could reverse time…and I would NOT have done it. 

Why?  Because throughout the whole run my ankle was NOT cooperating.  It felt weird and unstable, and a bit painful when I was running on it.  I was dumb and kept running on it anyways.  Everything felt GREAT about the run, except for the slight pain in the ankle.  When I hit 6.0 miles, I decided to finish strong on the last half mile (bad idea) and picked up the pace.  Shortly after, I heard a few ‘clicks’ in my ankle and immediately had to hop to the side of the treadmill.  UH OH.  Yep, UH OH.  Have not been able to apply pressure to it since.  No running.  No squatting. No lunges. No lateral elliptical. No arc…basically NO cardio or lower body work since Thursday.  And writing that last bit makes me want to cry because my ankle has not improved at all.  A visit to the doctor is in order for tomorrow and I am praying to hear something good.  My hope:  that the pain is no indication to the severity of the injury.  Because I WILL NOT be out of commission much longer…I CANNOT be. No can do. 

Workouts have definitely been dull since Thursday and not what I had imagined myself doing over the holidays at all.  CX (what I can do of it) and upper body strength training has been it for the last 3 days.  Again, I could cry.  I was building up my running miles so nicely and I was feeling back on track, and then I go and screw it up.  And, I got awesome Christmas gifts that I was so excited about, and now currently cannot even try out:


Garmin Forerunner 110 with a HRM

I wanted a watch to use for logging miles and for keeping track of my heart rate.  I have read up on the FORERUNNER 110 since receiving it for Christmas, and I believe I am going to LOVE it.  Just wish I could have already tried it out. Ugh.

yoga mat

The Mat! – by Lulu

I have wanted one of these extremely AWESOME mats since I started taking Yoga!! Now that I finally got it, I cannot even use it because I cannot balance on my right side (insert big sigh here). 

Well, the moral of this post is:  BE THANKFUL for your ability to walk, run, bike, hike, squat, jump, lunge, practice yoga….whatever physical activity that you enjoy doing.  I have been off my foot for three days now and absolutely hate it.  It makes me wonder how some people live without exercise as a daily part of their lives.  How in the world?  I would never survive. 


Hope you all enjoyed the holidays with friends and family.  As the NEW YEAR approaches, be sure to start thinking about your goals for 2014 and what you will need to do to achieve them!

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