Is it Christmas Eve already? OMG!  I cannot believe it.

My Christmas Eve wake-up alarm sounded at 6:15 this morning.  Normally, I would never complain about that particular time, but after going to bed late & being super tired to begin with, the alarm did NOT sound too appealing to me.  However, once I got out of bed…I was GLAD to be up and going.  First thing first, I headed to the Y.

The Eve of Christmas Workout that took place this morning included:

* CX Worx class (we did Release 09) – everyone ROCKED it.

* Followed by an AWESOME RUN ~ 6.0 miles on the good old Treadmill #2…my favorite one.  I included both hills and intervals.  Fun RUN!! Original game-plan was to stop at 3.0 miles to take Yoga at 8:45, but the class was so full.  I decided just to keep my spot on the treadmill and pound out a few extra miles.  Glad I did.  I felt so good (& so sweaty!!) after I finished.

do more of what makes you happy 

After my gym time, I mixed up my well earned breakfast…a THRIVE SHAKE! I could not wait to enjoy it. 

sunday thrive

thursday shake

A GREAT Workout + a Thrive Shake = the PERFECT start to my Christmas Eve.

I needed to run over to Grounded Health Food Store to pick up some PB – I have been without for TOO MANY DAYS.  Could not take it any longer! I gave them a quick call to make sure they were open, then I hit the road.

I picked up lots of ‘yumminess’ while I was there!!

grounded pb

What I went for.

grounded purchases

What I came home with!!

I ended up with a few extra items in my basket (I always seem to do that):

*Almond Milk – both Vanilla Unsweetened & Almond Coconut (I have never tried the Almond Coconut before, but I am super excited to make a shake with it!)

*Gluten Free Spinach Wraps – mmm mmm good.

*Chipotle Pepper Hummus!! – the lady who checked me out commented that this hummus has a ‘kick’ to it, but she also said she really likes it.  Sounds right up my alley.  I mean, it has peppers in it. Enough said.

* 2 Avocados – to cut up for my salads.  Change things up a bit.

* Gluten Free Wheat Rice Noodles – because homemade Chicken Noodle Soup sounds so good to me right now.  I plan to use these noodles when/if I ever get around to making some.

After I unloaded my food purchases, I got busy doing some last minute wrapping.

eve present wrapping

The last of my gift wrapping.  Thank Goodness. 

Actually, that will not be the last of my gift wrapping.  I have two gifts that have yet to arrive at my door.  UPS/Fed-Ex/USPS…please pull through for me today & get those to my door-step.  I need them for Christmas tomorrow!

By the time I finished all those gifts, my belly was growling.  Lunch-time came about 1:00 today.

eve salad for lunch

I went the easy route.  Salad.  And an already made salad, at that.  With Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Craisens, Walnuts, Reserve Blend Cheese (oh so good!), and pepper (duh).

I packed this salad with me to work yesterday, but it was such a busy day that I had no time to touch it.  I ended up opting for a Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate for lunch yesterday instead.  So much easier to munch on at my desk. 

Highlight of my Monday morning was when a text rolled in from a friend saying she had found a planner for me at TARGET!  I was in the market for a specific layout like the one I had for 2013, and…she spotted it for me while shopping & made the purchase.  I was so excited.  I was getting worried that I was not going to be able to find the same style as my 2013, in which case I would have been very bummed.

monthly planner

She brought it to me this morning at the Y.  Yay!!!

Check out the awesome set-up…

planner full calendar

The full month to view

planner by week

After the full month calendar, each week is broken down by day with AMPLE space to write your TO DOs.  The best of both worlds, in one planner.

Well, I am off to see if my packages are here yet and also to wait for the arrival of my Sister, Bennie, Lil (the pup) and little Jacyn (my niece)!  I just cannot WAIT to see them.  I am SO THANKFUL they are coming to spend Christmas with us. Yes, yes, yes!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve & remember when it comes to your eats, you just think: MODERATION.  What you eat now, you will have to work off later…so, eat less and you will not have to work as hard. ~ Easy. As. That.

I hope to snap some food pics this evening and on Christmas to share with you all tomorrow night. 

Until then ~


push yourself

Merry Christmas,