Howdy Folks!

I am so sorry, but I have had ZERO extra time for blogging (enter a super sad face here!). 

I plan to be back in action tomorrow after what I HOPE to be a productive morning at the gym.  CX is on the line-up for 7:15 in the morning, as is some definite treadmill time & perhaps either Yoga or TRX practice!


Have you been keeping up on your workouts these last few days with the last minute hustle and bustle of the Holidays ?

Get a game plan for when you are going to fit in your Holiday workouts in the week ahead and also how you are going to stay on track with your eating habits.

A Few Tips from KT:

hard work beats talent

*Plan to get your workout in early each morning, otherwise…you know it likely will not happen since other  ‘to do’s will likely arise being that it is the Holidays.

*Make sure you have healthy eating options available at your gatherings.  Take your own if you have to. 

*Fill up on the good stuff (veggies, fruits, salads, nuts…) so that you have less room to venture toward the bad stuff (dessert table).

*Once you eat your plate of good stuff, ask yourself:  “Would I eat an APPLE right now?”  If the answer to that question is ‘NO’ then you are no longer hungry and DO NOT need to venture back for seconds or to the dessert table.

*If you have a sweet tooth, pick one dessert-like item to enjoy & have ONE serving of it.  Remember the favorite ‘M’ word…MODERATION.

*If you need to, find a workout partner to hold you accountable.  Plan to meet at the gym & get your workout in together.  You will be less likely to ‘call in sick’ to the gym if you know your pal will be waiting for you to get his/her sweat on!

Happy Holidays!!

Until next time (which I hope is tomorrow!) ~

greatful heart