Howdy Folks! 

Hope your Saturday as been going well.  It has a been a dreary one for the entire day here.  YUCK.  So un-motivating when you look outdoors!  Yet, so productive for me indoors…with work things, anyways.  Since I took off on Friday, I spent most of today playing catch-up at the Y.

Saturday started off with CX Worx + Circuit Training classes.  Both GREAT workouts.  By the time I finished circuit, my tummy was RUMBLING because I had not taken time to eat anything before classes.  I whipped up my THRIVE shake in record time after I finished teaching!

lunch box

Above is my Rachel Ray Lunch Bag that I carry all my shake ingredients & other items in to the Y.  This has been a very useful gift given to me by my sister a couple years back.  Use it ALL.THE.TIME.

Work flew by again today.  Busy times at the Y.  The Y itself was not very busy…but I was!  I was ‘Productive Polly’ today & told myself that if I stayed focused, I could quit in time to get in a run before leaving.  Success.  I was able to close up shop at around 3:15 to hit the treadmill.  Felt so good to warm up (even though I did bring in a space heater to place at my feet under my desk & I usually cover up with a blanket while I sit there, so I actually kept rather warm today!)

Lunch at the Y ~ easy snacking items:

* Pistachios (1 Serving — Salt & Pepper)

* Target Brand Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate

Post Run Snack:powerball saturday

Powerball (x3)

I had a crazy craving for PB when I got home from work/run.  I was so bummed when I remembered that I had used up the last of my Earth Balance PB (ugh! – I looked in the cabinet where I usually keep my PB & let out a huge sigh.  Seriously.  I was NOT happy. Grounded Health Foods Store will definitely be getting a visit from me tomorrow).

I resorted to the next best thing.  Powerballs that I had made which CONTAIN my Earth Balance PB.  They did the trick.  I ate 3 of them, each at about 75 calories I would stay.  Did I mention I was HUNGRY after the run?

The treadmill time was very enjoyable.  I was ZONED-IN to my music & ZONED-OUT to most everything around me.  I was listening to my CX music and was focused on learning the new CX 13 routine; therefore, I was doing moves & counting in my head during my entire run…Makes the time fly by!!

sweat quote pic

How I felt post-run.  Felt AWESOME!! & in definite need of a shower.

Dinner menu for tonight will likely be:

sweet tater saturday

A Sweet Tater

And, perhaps some grilled chicken to accompany it.  I will keep you posted.

Enjoy your Saturday night & if you are attending any holiday festivities, remember that little ‘m’ word known as MODERATION! ~ for food & drinks!

Until next time ~

blog pic for saturday