Sorry there was no time for blogging Wednesday (or Thursday!) – so it is catch up time on my eats:

Wednesday Breakfast ~ image_11[1]


Made with DELICIOUS home grown strawberries given to me by one of my Y friends!! She was so kind to share her frozen stash with me so I could use them in my shakes.  Nothing like homegrown strawberries.  I will be using these sparingly!


Wednesday Lunch ~


SUBWAY 6” Turkey with lots-o-veggies

Lack of time to get to the grocery leads to an empty fridge at home & nothing to pack for lunch.  That means…SUBWAY TIME! – which, I am A-OK with.

Wednesday Snacks (3:00) ~


1/2 of this huge, picture perfect Apple

I also munched on Carrots + Pine Nut Hummus

At Gymnastics Wednesday evening ~

bliss dark chocolate

One Hershey Bliss piece of Dark Chocolate brought to me as a Christmas gift by one of my cute little gymnasts!

Wednesday Evening Dinner (after gymnastics) ~



Soup and Small Salad (with onion, Craisens, pepper, walnuts, blue cheese)

Now to get up to speed with Thursday’s Eats:

Breakfast was a THRIVE Shake, which tasted A-MAZING after my morning treadmill run.  I struggled to get up early on Thursday morning…but after my run, I was SO glad I had talked myself into it.


There are NO excuses when it comes to exercise.  At times when I am unmotivated to get moving, I always think of the feeling I have after a good workout and that is usually enough to convince me to head to the gym.

Lunch ~ munched on a Zone Bar: Chocolate Mint + some nuts while working.  I love bars on busy days at work.  Makes for an easy meal at my desk.

The day at the Y flew by.  I believe it stems from the good mood I was in after enjoying my morning treadmill time.  I was quite impressed with how my body felt throughout the entire duration of the run. I can tell I am improving on my strength & endurance ~ I felt exceptionally strong in my CORE, which I have to credit to all my time spent doing CX .  A strong core makes running so much easier…or at least I think so.  I wish every run could feel like my Thursday morning one!


I could not believe when 4 o’clock rolled around and it was time for me to get on the road to Indy.  I was leaving to see my sister & my little baby niece.  I hurried home to pack clothes & a snack for the road:


I decided on a serving of Pretzel Crisps: Garlic Parmesan & also grabbed Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for the road.  I was feeling really hungry by the time I left work. I opted for snacks since I knew we would not eat any dinner until we arrived at Indy, which would be at least 8 o’clock.

Game plan for dinner at my sister’s was something easy.  Pizza, salad, and breadsticks was the game-plan.  My mom and I stopped for breadsticks at Noble Romans on our way out of town & took them with us.  Ann & Ben took care of picking up a pizza.

My supper:

big salad anns house

A BIG Salad: Romaine, Asian Slaw, Pepper, Onion, and NEW Cheese Blend…check-it out:

new cheese blend for salad

I did not over-due a good thing with this cheese because it is by NO means a low-fat variety ~ But OMG, it definitely made my salad taste DELICIOUS!  I found it at Holiday Foods in Ferdinand & packed it to take to Indy so I could try it.  I make a trip to the cheese section almost every trip to the grocery. I like to check out the selection & see if anything looks too good to pass up. 

I opted to skip the pizza (that is why my salad is rather large!) and just eat a breadstick….scratch that.  Could not eat just one breadstick.  I ate two. Ugh. Bread, another weakness of mine. 

breadstick anns

Noble Romans Breadstick

Above is the first breadstick. Take this pic times two.  I would eat a breadstick over pizza any day.  I can always pass on pizza.  Stick a breadstick in front of me….different story.  Breadsticks – mmm mmm good.

I spent the evening with my sister & my lovely niece.  She is a doll.  I loved holding her in my arms & looking down at her sweet face.  Amazing little miracle, she is.

baby jacyn

What Friday brings is unknown, but I packed my THRIVE shake mix & ingredients, so I am sure the day will start off on the right foot. 

Until next time ~

the good lord