Oh my, what a Tuesday.  Wake-up call was at 4:30 this morning in order to make it to the Y around 5:15 to instruct CX class.  After class, I followed up with CX 13 to practice since it is a new release I need to learn.  Talk about CORE work!!  I am LOVING the new CX 13. 

cx 13

Great MUSIC, Great MOVES, Great 30 minute CORE WORKOUT. 

I took practically my whole house to the Y today since I was staying there for the duration of the day.  I loaded three bags (one being a lunch box filled with breakfast & lunch) into my car this morning!! I was like “seriously, I need all this for one day?!” – Goodness!

Breakfast this morning was a THRIVE SHAKE! Mmm mmm good. I crave it every morning now.  Yes, I packed all the ingredients & my hand blender to accompany me to the Y this morning.  I could not wait to get finished with my CX workouts so I could enjoy my shake.

Mid-morning snack: Pistachios (the amazingly delish Salt & Pepper flavor!)

Lunch (1:30ish):  Zone Bar Chocolate Mint

Mid-Afternoon Snack:  a few slices of Apple +

cheddar horseraddish pretzel thins

One serving size of Pretzel Thins: Cheddar Horseradish

I worked from about 6:45 this morning (post CX workouts) until 4:30 this evening.  Long day.  Then, I took a little break & blogged at the Y in my office before teaching another CX class.  Yes, that means 3 CX workouts in ONE Tuesday.  Sore Core? Yes, I do believe I may have that tomorrow.

I munched on some almonds after finally leaving the Y:

wasabi alonds

Blue Diamond Wasabi Almonds

When I got home, I had to find something to make for dinner.  That was hard.  I need to go to the grocery store…cannot seem to find any time for that at the moment. While trying to decide what I would eat, I munched on about 8 Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

What I ended up with:

wrap with chicken Chicken wrap, pre-fixingswrap all don

Finished Product:  Spinach Gluten-Free Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Laughing Cow Chipotle Cheese Wedge, Broccoli Slaw, and few pieces of Romaine Lettuce

cheese laughing cow

Cheese wedge I smeared on wrap ~ YUM!


Very Young, Small Sweet Peas…boring peas that look rather unappealing.

peas with cheese

My Peas…that ROCKED!! ~ Just added a little pepper & a bit-o-Italian Cheese and BAM! From drab to fab Smile

There you have it, my Tuesday meals.  I am beginning to feel my CORE getting SORE as we speak.  Ahhh, there is a perk to exercising so early in the morning hours.  What, you say?  By the evening…your body is ready to get-after-it again.  Refreshed, refueled, and ready for round two!  BTW, did you get your workout in today? 

CX Worx 9

What about your eating habits?  You need to start setting some goals for yourself to use during the holiday festivities that will likely get underway this weekend for you, if they haven’t already. 

Example of Holiday Eating Goal:  I will keep my plate filled with fresh fruits, veggies & other healthy foods available, while allowing myself one ‘cheat’ item of choice.  <—that means either a small dessert or a ‘not-so-good-for-you’ food item.  NOT both.

When choosing which holiday foods to eat, do not think of it as “I CANNOT have that.”  This is a horrible mind-set to have.  You should think of it as “I CHOOSE NOT to have it (for the betterment of my health & my mood).”  Remember:  the less junk you eat, the less ‘post-holiday’ pounds you have to worry about losing.

ahhh, so true

Until tomorrow ~

good one for xmas season