Let’s Recap Monday, shall we? 

I had absolutely ZERO time for blogging.  Why?  Because I did not get home (except to shower quickly and leave again) until 8:30 last night, at which time I had to immediately begin online Christmas shopping!  I still have gifts to get, people! It is CRUNCH TIME!

Monday morning I taught BodyPUMP (aka ~ BP) at 5am, and did not want to enjoy my shake until after class, so I munched on a home-made Powerball on my way to the Y.  It wasn’t much, but gave me enough energy to get me going for BP.

pics from jan 30 and 31 033

After BodyPUMP, I stayed at work for a bit then headed home to make my THRIVE SHAKE.  Hit. The. Spot.

After teaching the second class of the morning – Enhanced Fitness (a senior class the Y offers off-site) – I pit-stopped at home to shower & grab a snack for the road:

pine nut hummus

Pine-Nut Hummus with Carrots

This snack held me over until about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when I had to dig into my lunch-box and break out the salad I had packed.  No co-workers were close by yesterday, so I just ate & munched while I worked at my desk.  My salad was simple, but definitely tasted FRESH.

monday lunch salad

Romaine lettuce, Asian Slaw Blend (note: I found this at IGA), Onion, Cracked pepper (You will not see me eat a salad without pepper) & a little shredded Italian cheese blend.

If you look closely, you will see my post-it notepad in my salad picture.  Did not try to do that; however, that shows you just how close I keep one at work.  Cannot go without my post-its for my 100 thoughts of TO-DOs going through my head constantly.

Snack time brought Pistachios.  I am currently addicted.


I was not planning a run yesterday after work.  I got off at 4:45 and my game plan was to head straight home to get ready for a Y Christmas event I was attending.  When the end of the day hit, I had the sudden URGE to RUN!  So, I dove into my ‘never-leave-my-side’ gym-bag & found the extra pair of workout clothes I have stashed away in there.  It is my ‘just-in-case’ outfit…just in case the opportunity for an extra workout arises!!

gym bag it all in

I was on a MAJOR time limit, but was able to pound out 3.25 miles in the time I had to spare.  Not bad for a last-minute added cardio session.

go the extra mile

The Y event I went to was somewhat un-eventful.  I would describe it as rather mellow, which was fine by me.  They had a meal there for all to enjoy, but I opted to skip on down the buffet style set-up to the end, where the BIG salad bowl of fresh greens was located!  I loaded up my plate with the salad greens & grabbed some pepper (duh!) + raspberry vinaigrette dressing

stomach comparison

I made one trip to the bar & opted for a Crown + Diet Coke (alcoholic beverage of choice behind wine). After the salad, I ended up grabbing a very small piece of Fruit Pizza to sample for dessert (there were so many things to choose from!); however, by the time I got back to my seat to eat it, I had talked myself out of it (boo ya!) I only picked at the 5 little pieces of fruit on top & threw the rest away (that = major calorie saver!!).

When I got home, I needed…yah, you guessed it – a snack.  The helping of salad obviously did not stick with me long.  I decided upon:

monday late snack

Whole Grain Thomas LIGHT English Muffin + PB + SF Jelly


OMG.  Finished off my jar.  Grounded Health Foods Store…here I come!

I have been trying to eat PB in moderation.  Meaning…hardly any (super sad face).  Why?  Because once I start, I cannot stop – definitely the most addicting food in my kitchen, I think.  The Earth Balance Creamy is my favorite & the healthiest (while staying tasty) that I have found.

After eating my late snack (I’d really consider it the other part to my supper), I did Christmas shopping online & hit the sack.

Before I knew it, Tuesday’s alarm was sounding.