Where to begin? 

Friday was a LONG day, but a FUN-FILLED day!

I had the Christmas Cookie Exchange/Luncheon during the day (got rid of all those cookies I had made, but brought home with me just as many only of all different kinds.  TOO MANY COOKIES!) and the Y Staff Christmas party Friday evening.  Exercise and work fell between those festivities.

The Luncheon was very fun.  We had soup & salad for lunch.  The soup was a homemade tortellini soup – likely NOT healthy in any way.  I could not turn it down & I am now thankful I ended up enjoying it.  It was delicious! The salad was romaine with almonds, mandarin oranges, and an olive-oil based dressing.  Mmm mmm good!  (I didn’t snap any food pics of my meal because my phone was in the other room, but I so wanted to.I also sampled bits of the different cookies others had brought to share.  By the time I left, my tummy was full.

The Y Staff Christmas party turned out to be a blast!  We had tasty food to munch on, a little wine (ok, I may have had a bit more than a little…) and a lot of laughs!  We spent the evening playing a game I took along with me:

things game of

The Game of Things!!

If you need a great game to play at a holiday get-together with friends or family, this is it.  It is one of my favorites.  A lady at the party ended up borrowing mine to use at a party she is hosting next week! So obviously, the game was a hit.

I woke up about 5:30 Saturday morning (the alarm sounded WAY earlier than I would have liked) to hit the road to Louisville for TRX Suspension Training.  It was a full day of workouts & learning how to instruct/design a TRX group class. 

trx book

TRX Manual ~ this will be a LIFESAVER as I continue learning “the ropes.”

I LOVED the training course.  The trainer who instructed us for the day was a definite inspiration.  She kicked our a#%, but at the same time did an excellent job of teaching our group.


I was beat by the time I got back to the Y from training.  I ran through SUBWAY to grab a sub (turkey, the usual) for dinner since I had ZERO energy left to make a meal. I then pit-stopped to see a couple friends before heading home.

I ended up staying longer than expected. By the end of the visit, my nails had been painted & I had been fully educated on how to utilize my newly downloaded SNAPCHAT app! (Yes, I am just entering into the awesome world of Snap-chat & I am extremely excited about it. Better late than never.) 

my nails

Pretty! ~ I even got a ‘party’ nail on each ring-finger nail (GLITTERY!!)


Snap-Chat!! ~ don’t have it?  get it!

I finally rolled home around 11 last night & I believe I was sleeping before I even laid down in my bed.  Sleep…finally!

Well, that is my weekend in a nutshell.  I will fill you in on my Sunday Funday in my next blog post.

Until then ~

choose to shine