Today, I am SORE! and I am PUMPED about it. I am pretty sure my muscles experienced an abundance of ‘muscle confusion’ yesterday, as we were performing exercises using the TRX that were targeting muscles groups in all sorts of new ways!

sore quote_thumb[2]

I am quite certain TRX is going to be my new favorite way to train before long. See you later gym machines, hello TRX trainer!

After rolling out of bed (this was not so easy this morning. I was saying ‘Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!’ the whole time) today, I started my day off right with a Shake.

sunday blurbs_thumb[7]

Blurps! – I did not use ALL of these!

sunday strawbs_thumb[17]


sunday thrive_thumb[9] THRIVE!!!

almond milk sunday_thumb[3]

Unsweetened Almond Milk (1/2 cup) + H2O

thrive shake pic sunday_thumb[3]

Finished Product ~ YUM!

I spent the morning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning & putting ornaments on our tree (better late than never, I guess). While I worked, I lit an awesome smelling ‘Christmas Cookie’ scented candle & put on some Pandora Radio – switching between the Christian Contemporary & Classical Christmas Music stations.

I found my way to the Y in the early afternoon for some exercise & to watch the COLTS play. It was what I would consider an ‘Active Recovery’ day in the gym. My legs were NOT feeling any running. I managed some uphill walking & elliptical time instead.

Post workout eats:



red pepper_thumb[9]

Zone Bar + Carrots with Hummus

The afternoon was spent visiting grandparents and spending time with Sophie-pup.  It felt good to just relax after going non-stop on Friday & Saturday.

Dinner this evening was — Simple.  What else would it be?  Honestly,  I attempted to look up a recipe on my phone while at my grandma’s.  I was going to try my hand in the kitchen for once.  But then, I had no desire to once I got home.  I resorted to:

sweet tater sunday

A good old Sweet Tater

chicken wontons

Two Chicken Wontons (presentation, not so great…taste, hit the spot)

I will post the recipe for the Chicken Wontons under the recipe tab for anyone who would like it.  Obviously if I can make them, they are not complicated.

This evening has been a mellow one.  Just catching up on the blog, putting SnapChat to use, and looking over some new BodyPUMP & CX Worx choreography!

bodypump and cx

BodyPUMP 88 + CX Worx 13

I am loving BOTH of these new releases ~ Cannot wait until January 2014 to get here, when I am able to share these TOUGH workouts with all of my group exercisers!

Well, I believe I will go fill up my water bottle for about the 100th time this evening  and move on to some online Christmas shopping (yes, Christmas is only 10 days away.  Yes, I have LOTS of gifts to buy yet.  Shoot, I better get on it!).

Hope you all have an AWESOME Monday!  Remember to start your week off right with HEALTHY food choices & a kick-a%$ workout.  You’ll be glad you did.

Until next time ~


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