Is it seriously Thursday already?! This has been the fastest week of the year I think!

My day started at about 6am.  Woke up, got ready + packed all my things together I would need for my Thursday (not a small list), made my Thrive Shake (back to normal programming with ingredients…yay!), walked outside to start car, FROZE!!

thursday shake

This equals a perfect way to start to my Thursday! YUM.

Now this, on the other hand….DOES NOT:

three degree

Do you see that single digit?  Five degrees was the temperature when I arrived at work.  When I left for work, it was reading two. No, that is not a typo.  It was TWO degrees this morning at around 7:00am & FIVE degrees at 7:22am. That, my friends, is COLD.

Once I arrived at the Y, I worked for a while before taking YOGA class this morning.  It was exactly what I needed to warm me up after suffering through those single digit temps!  It was a wonderful class ~ the instructor…wow, now SHE is an INSPIRATION!!

Today, I successfully did a pose I hadn’t attempted before known as: eka pada koundinyasana! (<—yes, this means nothing to me either!) It looks like this ~

yoga pose completed

I will need to take a picture of myself doing it next week!! Then you all can believe me.  But I promise, I did it & I was very excited.

Mid-morning snack today (about 11:30) was round two of the Pistachios ~ Salt & Pepper flavored.  I am hooked.  Have you got your bag to sample yet?


Lunch/Snack-time rolled around again about 1:00.  I packed something I could eat quietly while working at my desk today…delicious sweet potato chips (I shared the recipe a few posts back).  I pre-baked them last night.  Yes, I ate them cold.  Yes, I know that is weird.

Since I was colder than an icicle again today, my furnace inside was revving like crazy to stay warm!  I am not lying, I can tell I am burning more calories being so cold because normally my belly never ‘growls.’ – the last few days at work, it has gotten to that point. I suppose I am OK with this daily COLD work environment if it is going to allow me to burn off some extra mega calories! Just trying to be Positive Polly. Winking smile  — anyways, my tummy was growling by 3:30. I enjoyed a thinkThin bar & the other half of my apple from Tuesday.

think thin bar thursday

Quitting time was right at 4:30pm today.  I darted straight for the treadmill & started walking up-hill to get warm.  That only lasted about a mile or so, then I decided to change to running.  I expected it to be a great run since I was so looking forward to it this morning.  It was not.  I was tired & worn out, so it was harder and less enjoyable than expected.  I ended up walking more uphill after a puny 2.5 miles running.  I was able to walk while chatting with a friend though, so that was rather enjoyable!  Not the great treadmill run I had anticipated, but any workout is better than no workout. 

quote for wednesday

CX Worx, which followed my treadmill time, was WAY BETTER!  Class was AWESOME tonight.  Once again, everyone brought their game-faces & I could tell they were ready to work! Work, we did ~ We demolished our cores!

another one for today

This evening’s dinner was boring.  Salad & a very small amount of white meat chicken…few bites was all I could do.  I am not a huge fan of meat, but usually I do okay with grilled chicken or turkey breast bought from the deli (rarely do I eat this anymore, but used to eat it almost daily).  Tonight, was just not a meat night.

dinner salad thursday

My salad was mighty tasty though. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet…I eat a LOT of salads because they are SIMPLE.  I try to change-up my toppings so even though I am eating salad daily, it does not feel like I am eating the same thing over and over.

The rest of my night was consumed by…baking.  I had to bake 72 cookies to take to a cookie exchange tomorrow.  It wore me out. Holiday baking festivities are now complete for me.  I have had my fill after only one evening.


PB(-iest cookie ever) with Reese Chips + Dark Chocolate Chips

I LOVE PB!! However, I was not about to use my Earth Balance PB in these cookies…are you crazy?! Way to good to ruin by sticking in a cookie.  I settled on Skippy Natural – somewhat healthy at least.  They did turn out better than I expected.  And yes, I had to sample one after slaving away in the kitchen for way too long.  I had no choice…it fell apart as I was taking it out of the mini muffin pan (wink)!

Tomorrow is yet another busy day & I have to rise and shine at 4:45 to teach CX class. I may not post tomorrow evening being that I will be at our Y Staff Christmas Party.  The host was against having an ugly sweater party, but I was like:   “Dude,

ugly sweater


And Saturday I am away all day to TRX Training (more on this later). 

trxtrx training

Hoping to be back with you by Saturday evening.

Until then ~

thursday quote