WOW. What a Wednesday!

Started off the day right on my drive over to the Y….by listening to some MUSIC (I love music!) ~ the songs I listen to on my drive to work always get me ready & pumped for a GREAT DAY! 

Today’s travel tunes:

katy perry

Unconditionally (repeat x2) ~ by Katy Perry

I have been listening to this song on repeat during my runs for about 2 weeks now.  Just does NOT get old.  Love it.

beautiful day

Beautiful Day (repeat x2) ~ by U2

One of the best songs to get your day started off right!  Always puts me in an awesomely (<–word? not sure!) positive mood.

Today, I enjoyed my shake after teaching BodyPUMP this morning.  Funny how in yesterday’s post I mentioned how I never change the ingredient list of my shake. Well, woke up this morning & realized I only had 2 puny frozen strawberries left.  Super bummed.  I had no choice but to improvise; therefore, the shake ingredients varied slightly this morning. No worries…it was still AWESOME.


Subbed in half of this Activia Strawberry Yogurt in place of the frozen berries I did not have.

thrive shake

Finished product in about 10 flat (seconds, that is)….YUM!

I stopped by the store this evening on my way home to grab more frozen strawberries & Almond milk (used the last of that this morning also). Now I am able to return to normalcy in the morning (yay!).

My mid-morning snack today:

salt and pepper pistachios

Pistachios ~ Salt & Pepper seasoned! They were A-MAZING! If you’ve not tried these bad-boys yet…go. now. to Target. & get yourself a bag!

Not sure I have filled you in as to why I do not like to eat salads at my desk.  So now I will:  I MUNCH.  I MUNCH LOUD!  I love all things crunchy (such as Romaine Lettuce) and when I eat crunchy things, I feel as though all my ‘munching & crunching’ annoys people! So, for the sake of my co-workers, I normally do not “MUNCH” on my salads sitting behind my desk. Today was an exception.  By 2 o’clock, I needed my salad! But did not want to stop working. So, instead of taking a break to eat it in the kitchen, I just ate at my desk & really tried to control the volume level of my munching.  I believe I succeeded! Or my co-workers are just too nice to say anything.


Salad mix today that was packed last night:  Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Onions, Cracked Pepper, and Cheese!


New cheese blend I picked up that was on my salad.  Cheese is good, if you remember to keep in mind the little word known as ‘moderation!’

Wednesday is my short day at the Y.  I leave every Wednesday afternoon to go teach little gymnasts how to flip! I absolutely love helping at the gymnastics gym on Wednesdays.  All the little girls in my classes are so enjoyable to teach.  They always make me smile non-stop!

I have an hour break between classes at 4:30, and by that time my belly was telling me I needed a snack.  I opted for 1/2 of a ZONE Perfect: Chocolate Mint bar. 

After gymnastics classes & the store, I headed home for some dinner and to see my Sophie pup. 

Tonight’s thrown together meal…the GREEN meal if you will: 

wrap package

A wrap with a small piece of grilled chicken & sautéed green veggies ~ Talk about green stuff

Below are pics of the wrap & cheese I used tonight.  I also added lettuce and a small bit of chipotle ranch dressing inside my wrap.


Found Rudi’s Gluten-Free Spinach Wraps at Grounded.

cheese wheel

Parmesan Peppercorn Cheese Wedge (25 calories per wedge!!) ~ imagine that…it has pepper in it. Hah.  Found this wheel at IGA in Huntingburg.

The veggies were just a frozen bag mix.  Mainly broccoli, green peppers, green beans, and a few mushrooms.  I also tossed in broccoli slaw to the mix.  I ended up sprinkling a bit of LF (low-fat) parmesan cheese to the top of my veggies before eating them.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am also a fan of cheese.

Well, there you have it.  My Wednesday eats.  As I sit here, I am already thinking about tomorrow & looking forward to it for several reasons: 

1. It will be Thursday…that is one day closer to Friday!

2. Thursday mornings are YOGA mornings!! Yes, yes, yes!

3. Thursday evening holds definite TREADMILL TIME followed by CX Worx!!!

What are your Thursday plans? They better include a workout.

Until tomorrow evening ~

change desire

do what makes you happy