I would sum up my day as this:  Tackle It Tuesday!

It was another busy day at work, which I LOVE.  I had about 100 thoughts running in and out of my mind the entire day ~ and, that means I was constantly reaching for a notepad & paper to jot them down.  Why?  Because anyone who knows me well is most definitely aware of my inability to remember a single thing!  If I do not write it down or complete the task as soon as it pops into my head, well…it likely will not get accomplished. It is NOT a fun ‘case’ to have…but, thank goodness for POST-IT notes!

post-it notes

A visualization of what the bulletin boards at my desk look like (wink).

Before heading to work (that was a chore in itself with snow all over my car), I whipped up my morning shake!  I am getting quick, quick, quick at this procedure.  Mainly because I do not change up the ingredients…ever.  I like my shake just the way it is & have no desire to make changes to the perfectly simple concoction I have created.  I LOVE routine…and sometimes you see that in my eating habits. Good or bad, that is the way it is!


My AWESOME new hand-blender that whips up my shake in about 20 seconds…shoot, maybe 10 seconds!


 THRIVE packet mixture (not that I don’t LOVE Shakeology….just trying something different for a little while) ~ I plan to have a post on this nutritional mixture soon.


Use about 1/2 a cup of Almond Milk (roughly 40 calories) with 1/4 cup H20.


Put it all in a cup with frozen Blurps & Strawberries, blend it up, and…

You get a bit-o-NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS to start your day.

Mid-Morning Snack/Lunch (?) rolled around at about 11 o’clock for me today.  I had packed a salad; however, you’ll see that as my dinner if you keep scrolling because I did not want to take a break away from my desk to munch on it.  So, option two won:


Zone Perfect: Chocolate Mint ~ My absolute FAVORITE “Bar Meal” as I would call it!  It is seriously like eating one big, healthy ThinMint Girl Scout Cookie for lunch. Mmm mmm good.

Did a little more work, burned a lot more extra calories being that I was FREEZING COLD behind my desk.  Get this: I had on warm pants, a heavy warm sweater, and a blanket draped over my legs & I still had cold fingers and toes…well, cold EVERYTHING!  I could not get warm.  But, I was ok with that, because any extra calories burned trying to warm-up is a good thing (let’s keep it positive, k?!)

By 1 o’clock, I was in need of a pick-me-up snack.


I know, it is a huge Apple.  I only munched on 1/2 of it.  I’ll tend to the other half tomorrow.

By 4 o’clock, the furnace must have been revving inside trying to keep me warm & I was burning through the calories because I was hungry.  Yes, you read it correctly. I was hungry…AGAIN! ~ I still did not want to leave my desk to eat the salad I packed.  I wanted to eat it, just did not want to take the time to.  So, I opted for:


Another scrumptious bar! ~ This one is Target’s (<— I LOVE this store!) version of the Zone Perfect: Chocolate Mint.  It is equally delicious.

By the time 4:30 hit, it was quitting time for me & time to GET WARM on the new treadmill at the Y! Oh, did it feel good to break a sweat!!  It was a great run, indeed.  I wanted to run faster than normal to get warmer; and, when you have people beside you running, it is instinct (I think?…Or maybe I am just a little competitive) to want to keep up with them! ~  Got in an enjoyable 3.75 miles before having to head out to teach CX Worx – which was a KICK-A workout tonight!  Class was BIG. Roughly 25.  We all rocked it & got our sweat on!


After packing things up and heading home to my Sophie pup, I was finally able to enjoy the salad I had packed for lunch, for dinner.


YUM! ~ Romaine Lettuce, Asian Slaw blend, Walnuts, Onions, Cracked Pepper (I put pepper on almost everything!), Craisens, and a few crumbles of Blue Cheese

I needed just a little something more (crunch!) to enjoy with my salad, so I opted for a serving of these:



About 10 crisps is a serving, and that was enough to satisfy me!

Overall, I was impressed with my BIG appetite at work today.  I am definitely blaming it on my body being in a continuous state of COLD all day. Believe me, I do not routinely consume TWO bars in ONE day. 

Tomorrow is….HUMP DAY! Whoop whoop!

Until then ~