Story of my exercise/healthy lifestyle = HILLS. Ups and Downs.

To be more descriptive…when I look back over the years since I first got involved in fitness & leading a healthy lifestyle it is like I travel on tons of hills.  The top of the hill being my peek – when I got it going.  Exercise habits are great & eating healthy full-time is top priority.  It is like I work REALLY hard to get to the top of my ‘hill’ where I am happy & content with myself and my body, and then…I cannot stay there.  I somehow fall off the beaten path (why? when everything is going GREAT do I do this? – I have yet to figure this one out) and venture down the hill.  Usually the healthy eating habits go first and my daily diet becomes more lax.  Sometimes the exercise starts to slack shortly thereafter because I do not feel motivated to get after it (due to not eating healthy – which plays a large part in my overall mood & motivation level on a daily basis).

A little less descriptive, and just to the point…I work SUPER-HARD to get in shape & have a completely clean diet (venturing UP the hill). I get to a great point of ‘contentment’ with myself & my body (Life is good…on TOP of the hill). What follows:  I get lax on eating habits which leads to slacking in exercise, then leads to gaining all pounds back I worked quite hard to lose (tumbling DOWN the hill). The process of getting back in shape & changing my eating habits back to total ‘clean eating’ starts ALL OVER AGAIN (at BOTTOM of hill, and deciding to make the trek – once again – back to the top).

Can anyone else relate?  I sure hope so.

Now, I am sure you are asking…wonder where she is at in her ‘hills’ now. Bet you can guess.

Currently – at the BOTTOM.  Looking up at the top of the hill & wanting to be back there SO bad.  That is why I started blogging again.  To help me in my journey back to the top of the hill.  To help get my eating habits back on track & make gains in my strength because I have a blog to hold me accountable.  I have been at the top of my ‘hill’ before (multiple times) and it is an AWESOME feeling.  I know what it takes to get there.  It is just a matter of commitment, dedication, and hard-work. I believe those are three things that leave when I go venturing DOWN the hill.

One day at a time, I plan to make progress.  Believe me, I know from many past experiences that climbing the HILL to the top takes time in addition to the 3 bold words above.  My goal…when I get to the TOP of my ‘hill’ next time, I want to stay there for a LONG time.  This tumbling down S*** has got to stop.

blog pics for wed and thurs 006 

you can't hope wish

Now on to my eats for Tuesday:

Breakfast (6:45) was a YUMMY Shakeology.  Same combo as Monday.  Same satisfied feeling after that lasted for hours.

july 6 006

Snack (1:30):  Wasabi Almonds…again

Lunch (2:30): Another Turkey Wrap + steamed Broccoli (YUM!) sprinkled with pepper (of course!) and LF Parmesan + 1/3 an Apple

blog tues may 14 004

Mid-Afternoon Snack (4:00):  TWO Powerballs! Yes, that is one less than yesterday, which equals…progress! Tomorrow’s goal is to only eat ONE for a snack.

Dinner (7:00 post workout):  Home-made chicken noodle soup (without any chicken) made with Heart Healthy Wheat Noodles, Carrots, Celery & lots of pepper (hah!) + Banana

blog tues may 14 009


blog tues may 14 010

Not pictured would be HALF a Noble Roman’s breadstick (oh so good!…my Mom brought them home) dipped in t a bit of the unbeatable cheese sauce.  I could not resist…but, at least I only ate HALF!

This morning I took Erin’s Vinyasa YOGA class at the Y for the first time in weeks.  It felt so AMAZING.  I cannot wait to attend again, which I hope will be weekly now that my schedule is somewhat back to normal.  One word tonight = SORE.  Every class she brings a new challenge…I LOVE it!


I shall leave you tonight with some Pinterest MI to keep us moving UP the hill…enjoy!

fat loss

So true.  I focus WAY TOO MUCH on daily workouts ~ always thinking I burn way more calories than I really do.  I have a new approach to my current ‘hill climb’ – a GREAT DEAL more focus on healthy eating habits & a lot less focus dedicating countless hours to the gym.  Simply because of the extremely TRUE statement listed above.

dreams don't work

Better get my A** in gear & get to work. How about you?

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