My previous post was on Thursday evening.  It is now Sunday evening and I am finally typing once again.  This is NOT because I did not have any time for blogging this weekend, it is rather because my weekend was not filled with the many healthy & nutritious eats I anticipated it would include.

When I look back on my eating habits the past 3 days, I would say I ate 55/45.  Fifty-five percent healthy & and forty-five percent unhealthy. 

That has to change.  Tomorrow’s goal = 90/10

Tomorrow is Monday, which is almost always a GREAT day for me ~ a fresh start to the week, to healthy eating habits, and to new exercise goals. I typically love Mondays.

In anticipation for my Monday, I have packed my lunch:

shakeology pic

shake benefits

I packed the following to blend with my Greenberry Shakeology powder to make it into a tasty shake:  frozen Strawberries, 1/4 cup milk, yogurt (Activa: Strawberry)

I have also packed my gym bag & laid out my workout clothes for the morning workout.

Monday, I am ready for you!  Are you ready?

no (2)

No More Excuses.  Tomorrow, it is BACK-ON-TRACK time!

Get ready for a great week ahead.

Here are a few reminds that caught my eye tonight when I was looking through my quote stash.  They all apply to me, and perhaps you can relate also:

a good one (2)

Sometimes I get so upset with myself when I get off track (aka – slack on healthy eating habits which leads to adding pounds) that I think it is the end of the world.  I get so unhappy & just want little to do with anyone.  That is the absolute WORST attitude to have & I am working on changing it.

ahhh, so true

So true.  Also true…writing down every bite you eat DOES help – as long as you do not cheat by only writing down part of your eats.  You need to write down every single food item – it is an awesome accountability tool (vital to success).

never be afraid to fall apart

the difference

Write out your goals for the week & read through them daily. Perhaps even multiple times each day.  They will stay fresh in your mind & be a constant reminder for you to get after it & work hard each day.