Once again, I have decided to re-enter the world of blogging. Why?

Straight-up answer:  I just returned from vacation – a week long trip to Destin, Florida.  Not only was it a vacation from work, but also a vacation from exercise (seriously, did not go to the hotel gym ONE time) & also from healthy eating habits (ate foods I would normally never think of touching! – such as…pizza. Seriously, I hardly EVER even have a craving for pizza when I am at home.  At the beach, the pizza & breadsticks I ate with my parents one evening was probably my favorite meal of the trip…what?!).  So therefore, I feel SO CRAPPY right now & need something that will motivate me to get back-on-track.  The blog has proven successful in the past, which is why I decided to step up to the plate again & put it to use.

most people have no idea

Totally agree with this above quote. 

Oh my goodness.  After only one week of eating a not-so-healthy diet (a week of meals that some Americans probably consider normal/routine eating habits) and exercise being pretty non-existent, I feel like a ‘gross blob’ for lack of any better way to describe it.  People who do not exercise on a regular basis and who do not eat a routinely healthy diet full of fruits & veggies and lean protein have no idea what they are missing out on!  IF ONLY they knew how much better they could feel & how much better their bodies could function.

I am upset with myself for not exercising and allowing myself to eat so many unhealthy things (ice cream included…not just once, but multiple times) on the vacation. However, I am choosing to look at the positive side of it, rather than all the negatives. 

The negatives being that I gained weight, lost muscle & strength (since I did NO strength training for a week), am now super irritable & feel like a ‘gross blob’.  The positive that I am choosing to look at is how motivated & extremely ready I am to work hard to get back in shape!…all the while trying to become even stronger & more fit than I previously was. 

The week long break from the gym made me miss it like CRAZY!  No lie.  I was up & getting ready to head to the gym at 5:45AM the morning after we returned home.  Therefore, I am more than ready to spend LOTS of time catching up on missed workouts.  In addition, after eating a week’s worth of  ‘unhealthy’ foods (not every meal was unhealthy, but compared to my routine diet…the foods I consumed were way off the beaten path), I now know how ‘yuck’ certain foods can make me feel.  My body likes yummy fruits & fresh veggies! Salads, wraps, greek yogurt!  And those are the types of foods I cannot wait to get back to…ASAP.

Today I started back on my healthy eating habits and already I am feeling better. Yay!

I have a LONG way to go to get where  I want to be (strong. healthy. fit ~ oh, and about 15 pounds lighter), and I will allow you to follow me one day at time.  You will be my accountability…so thank-you in advance!

My motto today as I thought about the health/fitness related goals I want to accomplish in the months ahead:

best yet

And so I leave you tonight with a little PINTEREST MI (MI = Motivation & Inspiration) as I always used to do in the past. 

Oh, and I’ll post pics of todays eats in tomorrow’s post, as I do not have them uploaded from my phone yet.  Have no fear, there will not be any pizza or frozen yogurt  in today’s meals! Thank goodness.  Day #1 of ‘Back-on-Track’ was a success because I was back home!

dreams and achievement

nike good one