It is FILL-IN time because I have been MIA for too many days.

Friday was spent with my family at the BMW Championship in northern Indiana.  Check out these two snap-shots I got before I got told to put my phone away – pictures were not allowed to be taken.

monday sept 10 005

T.Woods ~ AKA = Tiger-Lillie

monday sept 10 009

Mr. Michelson.  ~ my 2nd FAV

I did not get to snap a pic of my FAV…Rory (AKA = RORS) because 1. my phone died before he came to practice putting green, but 2.  I was told by officer to put my phone away. Bummer.

Saturday included some kitchen time, whipping up these:

monday sept 10 018

They are the same ‘healthifed’ Peanut-butter Chocolate Chip Bars I made a couple weeks ago, but I got smart this time & put them in a muffin-pan to make individual serving sizes.  SWEET.

Sunday included church, a long but FUN Cardio Kick practice, a walk with a friend & golf with my Dad (got to enjoy some of that AWESOME weather!)

Before I knew it, Monday was here…and gone now! CRAZY!

My day started at 3:15 this morning when my alarm went off.  Y at about 4 to open.  I took something easy to eat for breakfast once my hunger hit at about 8 o’clock. 

monday labor day 001

Breakfast was 1/2 of this thinkThin Brownie Crunch Protein bar

After I finished up the morning shift, I stuck around to practice my Cardio Kick routine for class on Thursday.  Was having so much fun practicing it with another instructor that time flew by & I ended up practicing for about 2 hours all in all.  Shew! It was a good AM workout.  Followed that up by coming home & washing my car in the BEAUTIFUL weather. 

Worked up an appetite.  So next came lunch.

Lunch ~

monday sept 10 032

* High Fiber Wheat Wrap with:  Grilled Chicken, LF Laughing Cow Cheese (1/2 wedge), Sweet Pickles, BBQ sauce + Hot Sauce, Spring greens + Broccoli Slaw

monday sept 10 028    monday sept 10 029

monday sept 10 030

monday sept 10 031

* Just a few PopChips I put into my wrap to add crunch

* Left over Sweet Potato slices from last night

* Grapes (not pictured)

Snack before leaving for round two at the Y:

monday sept 10 025

* Banana

blog august 23 014

* few pieces of Peppered Beef Jerky

Here is the fuel I packed for the Y since I was teaching BodyPUMP followed by teaching STEP-IT-UP followed by taking Body & Soul.  I decided it would be a good idea to pack a little protein for between BodyPUMP & Step-It-Up.

monday sept 10 034

monday sept 10 035

Picked this protein bar up at GNC this weekend. 

I cut the bar into three pieces & took 1/3 of it with me tonight to munch on between classes so I could have energy for Step.  It tasted AWESOME!  & provided me with some good fuel to put towards my class.  Step class was so FUN tonight, as always!  I could definitely do it for an hour instead of just 45 minutes because you lose track of time when doing it for sure!

A mini description of each class taught/taken tonight:

* BodyPUMP 79 = HARD! Kicked my Butt!

* Step-It-Up = FUN-filled CARDIO! A sweaty-mess workout without a doubt!

* Body & Soul = Relaxing!  A GREAT opportunity to STRETCH things out ~ lengthen, lengthen, lengthen!

Dinner tonight ~

monday sept 10 036

A delicious chilled salad!

Included:  Spring Mixed Greens, Broccoli Slaw, LF Blue Cheese, LF Parmesan, Mixed Nuts (mainly Almonds), Onion, Craisens, some Wheat Croutons

Dressing:  FF Kraft Italian


monday sept 10 037

monday sept 10 038

Good Stuff. Hit the SPOT!  I enjoyed a Vanilla SF Pudding tonight for first time…& highly recommend it to anyone in order to cure that evening little sweet tooth (if you ever have one.  If you do not ~ I am SUPER jealous!)

Hoping you all started out your Monday with healthy eating habits & a bit of exercise.  My energy levels are beginning to drop off quickly after this jam-packed day & my bed is beginning to sound AMAZING. 

So, I will leave you tonight with some PINTEREST MI for a motivational Monday.  I hope to return tomorrow night with a bit more time & energy to write.

dont count the days

I felt like I made today count…did you?


I Red heart Endorphins!

today I will do

every accomplishment

Always TRY ~ and above all, always give 100%+…you get no where worth-while when you “half-ass” something.  So step up, give your “FULL ass” every-time & you are sure to go places. : )

God has perfect timing

Totally. Agree.

Just a LITTLE Patience, and a LOT of Faith.