First, to fill you in on what I ended up splurging on last night.  UGH.  I just had a major SWEET TOOTH!  I tried to avoid it, but I just could not do it.

september 4 blog 005

Edy’s Chocolate Brownie Yogurt Blends

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  september 4 blog 007

Serving size was 1/2 a cup. — I probably ate a bit more than that. UGH.

It was tasty, but was it worth it?  Questionable.

Today is Tuesday (but feels like a MONDAY!) & since it is the start of a new week, I started it off with SHAKEOLOGY for Lunch


I was CRAVING it after this Birthday/Labor Day weekend!

Other eats I had while at the Y:

  • 1 Powerball (after AM workout before a personal training session)
  • 1 LF String Cheese (afternoon snack @ about 2:30)

blog august 23 011

When I got home from the Y, I was hungry & needed to eat something so it had plenty of time to digest before I had to teach my first FALL WATER AEROBICS Session tonight at 7:30! (which went GREAT & was super enjoyable)

I ate POWERBALLdough’  (just what I did NOT need since I had already eaten 1 powerball at the Y this AM & told you about my ice cream indulgence last night!) as I rolled it into balls. My mom mixed them up this morning & left them for me to put into balls, as always.

I also toasted a Thomas Light Whole Grain English Muffin & added spray butter (made with EVOO) + SF Jelly to it.

september 4 blog 010

If you cannot tell, I LOVE SF Jelly.  I LOAD it on, always!

When water aerobics ended I was a sweaty mess.  My orange T-Shirt I wore was soaked because it was super humid on the pool deck…I suppose that makes for a great way to burn a few extra calories. – Felt like I was teaching class in a SAUNA!

Eats when I got home (slim pickings in my house right now for healthy eats. I need to make a trip to the store tomorrow to pick up some PROTEIN packed things to munch on!) included:

  • Grapes (red)
  • Mixed nuts – mostly ALMONDS (ate more than the 3 pictured)
  • another 1/2 Thomas Light English Muffin w/ SF Jelly (YUM!)

september 4 blog 011

English ‘Muffs’ must have been hitting the spot for me today!

Well, I have to wrap it up tonight because I have to rise & shine at 3:15 in the AM since I open up the Y in the morning!  Wow, that is going to come WAY TOO QUICKLY!

I am going to focus on having better eating habits tomorrow (AKA = less POWERBALLS & less CARBs)! Shakeology is on the agenda again for sure!  I am already looking forward to my lunch now…whoop! 

Here is the PINTEREST MI to get you set up for half-way day!


Strive to be AWESOME.

set sights high

Expect the most WONDERFUL things to happen (to YOU!)

to make others ask

Reason to be FIT number 0493 ~ “You’re not tired yet?!”

The FIT person replies “HELL NO!….LET’S GO!”

march 29 yes

Never. Give. Up. ~  You WILL get there (that’s what I keep telling myself, anyways)

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MOTIVATE Yourself…it’s your CHOICE.

then do it again