Oh what a day!

  • Rise & Shined at 3:15AM today in order to be at Y around 4 to open
  • Snacked on thinkThin bar at Y…ate about 3/4 of it

blog pictures for end of august 011

New FAVORITE flavor = Caramel Fudge. YUM.

  • Taught Morning Energizers class at the Y
  • Had Lunch with my Nanny & cousin at Cool Beans in Huntingburg. 

sept 5 001

My cousin & I both chose the Buffalo Chicken Wrap (a Jalapeño wrap).  It was served with Veggie Straws & it was HOT!

I ate half the wrap & about half the veggie straws.  Took the other half of wrap home with me.

  • typed out Cardio Kick routine at home & snacked on 2 POWERBALLS right before leaving to head back to Y for more work this afternoon.
  • Worked at Y & practiced Cardio Kick
  • Taught BodyPUMP (AWESOME CLASS!)
  • Followed it up by teaching Step It UP (another AWESOME workout!)

Finally made it back home at around 8 & decided to enjoy some dinner.

What I made for my meal…

september 5 001

One mighty FINE looking salad!

It included:  Romaine lettuce, Broccoli Slaw, Onion, LF Blue Cheese + LF Parmesan Cheese, Mixed Nuts (mainly Almonds + a few Cashews & Macadamias) + some Whole Grain Goldfish.

Dressing:  FF Kraft Italian

What also ended up being added to my meal:

september 5 002

A single square piece of Jenk’s Pizza that my mom picked up for she & my dad.  It was green pepper & onion I think. 

Pretty tasty.  But worth it…again, that is questionable.  I kind of regret eating it now.

Since I indulged in the pizza along with my FINE salad, I opted for a healthy yet yummy ‘dessert’ to satisfy my little sweet craving.

My Sweetness for tonight ~

september 5 003

Frozen Blackberries.  Ohhhh Yeah!


Overall, not super satisfied with my eating habits today since Shakeology did not make the cut at lunch due to eating out with my grandma + cousin.  No problem though, because it was worth the visiting I got to do with them!

I am satisfied, however, with the exercise intensity today & so hopefully that somewhat sets things back to a ‘break even’ point. Hah! Great mind-set to have, eh?

Hope you all are keeping up the healthy eating habits & getting in the daily exercise for those little ‘feel good’ endorphins we all know & LOVE!

One more tid-bit of news…did you all hear that Jillian Michaels (talk about a motivator!) is returning to Biggest Loser?! Now that is SWEET news!

Until next time, enjoy some PINTEREST MI on your Half-way Day!

fucking awesome - tiff

Sorry for the language in this one!  But, it is dedicated to a good friend of mine…she knows who she is! Smile…When I read this, I always hear it in my head as her voice!  Good thing?  Hell yes!


Could NOT have said it any better.

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FITspiration Fav #2

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