Labor Day Monday FUNDAY…& it did NOT involve sleeping in.  Thank goodness.  I HATE when I sleep in ~ I still cannot get over the fact that I slept until 10:15 on Saturday.  What a waste of too many hours! 

Today I woke up at 6 & was at the ‘Y’ by 6:45 since BodyPUMP started at 7.  It was a great class for not being on the schedule to begin with. ~ SO MANY PEOPLE (the die-hard BodyPUMP-ERS) had asked me last week why we were not going to offer the class, so I decided to try & get a few on the schedule for the day off, since I am always up for BodyPUMP & always happy to instruct!  I ended up having success & was able to get two scheduled. I teamed-up for some team-teaching at the 7am with another instructor.  She pushed me to PUMP hard since we were standing side-by-side, which allowed me to have a SUPER-SUCCESSFUL workout! Whoop!

After class, I needed some recovery fuel…I packed this YUMMY bar for my breakfast since I was staying at the Y to work.

monday labor day 003

thinkThin Brownie Crunch protein bar.  Delish.

monday labor day 002

Calories = 230 & of those, 70 are Fat Calories (not bad ~ remember, there are about 9 calories per gram of fat)

Protein = 20 grams (SWEET! I call this the ‘Full Factor!’)

Sugar = Low because this bar uses Sugar Alcohols instead…12g of them!

What are sugar alcohols you ask? 

In the basic of terms, they are reduced calorie artificial sweeteners.  They sweeten like sugar, but they differ from sugar in their chemical structure.  That difference is what makes them ‘reduced calorie’ because almost always, your body cannot identify the chemical structure of an artificial sweetener & is therefore unable to metabolize (break it down & use it for energy) it, or t least the majority of it. 

SO, if it cannot be metabolized & absorbed for energy within the body, it simply travels through your entire digestive tract and on out. Since you do not absorb it, you do not take in those calories that you would if you were eating sugar (a carbohydrate) that has a chemical structure your body DOES recognize & does LOVE to metabolize.  Sugar alcohols are also nice because they do not affect your blood sugar levels as much as regular sugars (crazy fluctuations in blood sugar levels are a frequent cause for the ‘cravings’ individuals feel for sweet things!).  However, some people feel sugar alcohols are unhealthy and believe they should not be consumed in your daily diet because many are synthetically created.

I say…if it allows me to eat less calories & still enjoy a little sweetness without making my blood sugar go off course & out of whack, then BRING IT ON.  Therefore, I DO NOT try to AVOID sugar alcohols in my diet…with the exception of aspartame! 

After work I came home & did a few things before making lunch.  Since I had the time, I opted for lunch to whip up…


monday labor day 004

One sweet tater, all sliced up & drizzled with Olive Oil + sprinkled with Seasoning Salt

monday labor day 005

While sweet tater was baking in oven, I snacked on some red grapes.

monday labor day 011

The finished product…dipped in Ketchup = MY FAVORITE

I received many WONDERFUL gifts yesterday from my family and friends for my birthday! Thank you to all, as the gifts were definitely NOT necessary, yet much appreciated! ~ I thought all gifts were over, but then an awesome gal at the Y provided me with one more this AM. 

monday labor day 007

A Yoga Mat Smile ~ and it is PURPLE, my FAVORITE color!

This was a great & much needed gift I will use as I begin instructing a Body & Soul class offered at the Y within the next few weeks (since the AWESOME gal who currently teaches it will be leaving our Y & moving on to another great phase of her life!)

Golf filled my afternoon-off today.  I got nine holes in with my friend home from St. Louie before she had to hit the road.  It was enjoyable & it was HOT!

Dinner tonight was simple, but what I was in the mood for.

labor day supper 001

Salad + Thomas Whole Grain English Muffin toasted & dipped in salsa

labor day supper 002

My Salad included:  Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Onion, LF Blue Cheese, LF Parmesan, Mixed Nuts & Goldfish. 

August phone pics 022

Dressing:  I switched it up tonight & used Light Balsamic Vinaigrette

labor day supper 005     labor day supper 003

I also ended up adding 1/2 of this Laughing Cow Light Spread cheese wedge to one of my English muffin halves before I dipped it into the home-made salsa! YUM!

labor day supper 006

And some sweetness to end the meal:  Frozen Blurps + Red Grapes

Well, I am super bummed that this extended weekend is coming to an end.  It went way too quickly! But, at least it is back to routine tomorrow & now only a four day week! YES! 

Hoping you all had a SAFE & EVENTFUL Labor Day! Until the next post, keep the eating habits healthy & the workouts challenging.

And finally…some PINTEREST MI to motivate, inspire & light a fire (in you!):

do good

Do Good.

dont compare yourself

Be better than you were yesterday.

embrace your body

I Red heart this ONE! ~ Embrace!


for me exercise is medicine

Exercise is the BEST medicine, you know

you know all the things

AIM HIGH…Think, Believe, Achieve!