Birthday morning started out rather early today since I decided to do my sleeping in yesterday!  Woke up at 7 & got ready for my run, then made a quick trip to Jasper to cheer on a few individuals I knew who were running in the Heartland Half Marathon before enjoying my own run in the morning drizzle. 

It was a FUN run on some great back-roads…took my usual path that I enjoy most.  I was drenched by the end of the hilly six miles, but felt GREAT! I was happy that I had started out my birthday with a rainy AM run.  I may be turning 24 & getting older, but I still got plenty of runs left in me Winking smile


I used the iMapMyRUN app & it said I trucked-along for 57 minutes & burned a total of ~635 calories! Whoop! That is a good thing, since I will likely be enjoying a yummy birthday dessert this evening.

After my run, I whipped up a “recovery” Breakfast ~

sept 1 and 2 005

Naner + 1/2 English Muffin with Naturally More Crunchy PB & SF Jelly

Hit the Spot.

Lunch today was with a good friend of mine whom I have not seen in FOREVER!  She was home for the extended weekend from St. Louis.  We had arranged to play a round of golf together, but since the weather did not allow, we decided to enjoy some SUBWAY together instead.

august 24 007

Munched on my normal: 6” Turkey, No Cheese, on Honey Oat.  With LOTS of “wedgies” & FF Honey Mustard sauce.  Delish.

This evening the family is coming over for a Labor Day/Birthday dinner at our house.  I am sure it will be an enjoyable time with plenty of good eats & a few tasty treats involved.  I will snap a picture of my plate & fill you in on the meal (and dessert) in my Labor Day post.

Until then, ENJOY your extended Labor Day weekend & any FUN festivities that you may part-take in during the rainy few days!

And if you are in celebration mode with family & friends (like I am going to be here shortly), just remember one simple word:  MODERATION, Friends…MODERATION!

A little PINTERST MI to help your day along…

always remember

Braver, Stronger, Smarter

sunday pinterest motivation

A bit of FITspiration

over the notion...

Do NOT settle for regular…strive for Extraordinary

i hope one day

Someday! ~ Never give up on goals!

so awesome

Impressive?! I DO believe so!

im just a happier person...

Basically this pic is saying: “when I do not get my workout in, I am a Beeep!” ~ I will admit it openly. Hah!…gotta have those ENDORPHINS!