Better late, then never!  Sorry it has been so many days since my last post. I have been snapping pics of my eats, but just have had no extra moment to fill you in on them.

I will start with a recap of some meals I have eaten in the last few days:

blog pictures for end of august 005

This was the AWESOME dinner I had Wednesday night after teaching Step It Up followed by BodyPUMP.   It was fantastic!

* Baked Tilapia ~ I thaw it, put it on foil, drizzle it with EVOO, & spice it up with Lemon Pepper seasoning…then bake for about 12 minutes at 385 – 400 degrees.   Simple, yet Healthy & Delish!

* Roasted Wedgies – mixture of peppers, purple onion, broccoli, cauliflower & carrots

* Garlic & Olive Oil Long Grain Wild Rice – enough said. YUM.

I had Thursday morning off & felt the urge to get in the kitchen!  I had run across this healthy snack recipe on PINTEREST (imagine that!) at some point last week & decided I was going to give it a try!

blog pictures for end of august 008

The finished product = some GREAT TASTING Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack bars.

I will post the recipe for these under the ‘Must Make Recipe’ tab…you should definitely check it out because they were super easy, quite healthy (if you can limit yourself to one serving size!) & absolutely scrumptious! Smile

Friday’s breakfast/lunch ~

blog pictures for end of august 011

new FAVORITE flavor of thinkThin protein bar ~ Caramel Fudge!

Super tasty (tastes like you are eating dessert Open-mouthed smile) & also super satisfying.  Kept me full for a.long.time.

I purchase these great creations at Grounded Health Foods store in Jasper.

blog pictures for end of august 012

I also picked these up at Grounded the last time I was there to stock up on thinkThin bars…

blog pictures for end of august 021   blog pictures for end of august 022

Pop Chips ~ Jalapeno flavored!  If you like HOT & SPICY, you will Red heart these!

There are about 21 chips PER serving! & the nutrition facts per serving are not bad at all, especially for being a ‘chip.’ They are GREAT for when I just gotta have that ‘munch!’ & I usually eat just a 1/2 serving size at a time, so makes for an even better looking calorie count!

In addition to these yummy eats, I also had


made my new favorite way…with GREEK mixed berry yogurt. Using Greek yogurt helps me stay full even longer! & it makes my shake even more creamy, which is exactly how I like it. It is the perfect change-up.

This morning I slept in until…10:15.  I CANNOT remember the last time I did that.  Craziness.  I did not even think I could do that anymore!  I must have needed some Zzzzz.  Therefore, Saturday breakfast turned into basically lunch.

* 1 Thomas Light Whole Grain English Muffin (high fiber!) with SF Jelly

 tuesday august 28 017

* not pictured = 1/2 Banana + Green Grapes

I laid around a while longer after I got up, just reading things online & browsing PINTEREST.  I always head straight to the ‘Health & Fitness’ section ~  Being on that page got my motivation revving & I was ready to HIT THE GYM! I put the computer down & hopped into my workout gear.

I had a FUN workout at the Y while it rained outside.  I LOVE workouts in the gym when it is raining outside, because there is nothing better to do since you cannot be outside! – I did TURBO KICK (kickboxing cardio workout) followed by BodyPUMP 83 (our newest release we just received in the mail not long ago).  Both were a BLAST (even doing them by myself) & kicked my butt.

For those of you who have NO IDEA what I am referring to with all this BodyPUMP talk, this is for you…Enjoy!


BodyPUMP 83 Preview

After my SWEET workout, I came home & whipped up a salad to take with me and eat while visiting my grandparents

My Late, Late Lunch ~

blog pictures for end of august 025

* Salad included:  Romaine + Spring Mix Lettuces, Broccoli Slaw, Purple Onion, LF Parmesan Cheese + LF Blue Cheese (my FAV!), Mixed Nuts (same ones as shown in a post not long ago), & topped off with Goldfish & FF Italian Dressing.

I also ended up eating some slices of fresh deli sliced honey turkey.

Dinner tonight was with my family at a local restaurant.  I started off by eating too many Wheat crackers that were placed on the table before we sat down. 

I decided on ordering: 

* Small Chef Salad with Grilled Chicken (dressing = FF Ranch)

* Side order of vinegar slaw…just sounded good tonight for some reason. 

Overall, the day flew by & was not SUPER productive (except for getting my workout in)…but, you have to have those days occasionally, right? 

Hope you all are enjoying the extended holiday weekend.  Work HARD to keep the eating habits healthy friends & the exercise in check. 

Enjoy some PINTEREST MI on me tonight Winking smile

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