AWESOME Tuesday! ~ started out with BREAKFAST before heading to the Y for training my group of ladies in the gym…& they ROCKED IT!  They worked so hard, it motivated me to work as hard as they had during my workout directly following. Smile  Those three sure do make me in a GREAT mood!  They always impress me by how much FUN they have while doing their tough workouts.  They show the peeps in the gym how FUN a workout is capable of being! Red heart it!

Breakfast ~

tuesday august 28 001

1/2 English Muffin with Naturally More PB & SF Jelly

Not pictured = 1/2 Naner

I had a KICK-BUTT strength workout (focused on arms, shoulders, back) in the gym this AM thanks to the ladies I trained beforehand.  They gave me the ‘determined’ mind-set!

Worked for a bit at the Y after the workout, then headed home to grab lunch. 

Lunch ~

tuesday august 28 002  tuesday august 28 004

Handful of YUMMY tasting nuts! A mix of Cashew, Almond & Macadamia

tuesday august 28 007

1/2 Sweet Potato…sliced and sprayed with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Season Salt.  (dipped them in Ketchup, sparingly)

Not pictured: slices of deli Honey Turkey Breast

tuesday august 28 005

Frozen Blackberries….Mmm mmm mmmmm!

Snack (before going back to Y to teach & practice classes) ~

1/2 cup Grapes + 10 Pop Chips (Parmesan)

Evening workouts at the Y included:

  • Teaching Get on the Ball class – uses a stability ball to do AB & BUTT exercises (45 minutes)
  • Turbo Kick ~ Round 39 – a FUN & high intensity cardio workout…I used to live on these workouts years ago.  Brought back the good old days tonight!
  • Upright Bike (hills) for a quick 25 minutes – listened to my BodyPUMP 83 songs and started working on the choreography while I road!

Did I mention that I Red heart Exercise? 

After those mighty good workouts, it was dinner-time.

Dinner ~

tuesday august 28 008  tuesday august 28 009

3 eggs…kept the Yolk of 1 ~ the whites are ‘where it’s at’ friends!  Chalk full of protein (~ 7 grams per egg roughly).  The yolk has some excellent vitamins in it, but also contains bad cholesterol.  I added some skim milk to my eggs, as always.

Spiced up my eggs with onion & red pepper, then topped them with LF Parmesan & home-made Salsa

tuesday august 28 011

In addition to the eggs I enjoyed…

tuesday august 28 012   tuesday august 28 015

1/2 a container of DELICIOUS Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt


* NO FAT (whoop!)

* 14 grams of Protein (this will FILL YOU UP!)

* 19 grams of Sugar (not great, but when only eat 1/2 at time then it is not quite so bad!)

Ended my night with what I considered my ‘dessert’  (because it tastes that yummy!) ~

tuesday august 28 017

Light Wheat Thomas English Muffin  toasted (has 8 grams of fiber in one & only 100 calories!) & topped with Spray butter (pictured below) & SF Jelly

tuesday august 28 018

Spray butter made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil = SCORE!

Today was a GREAT day in my world of exercise and eating habits!  I feel GOOD tonight.  Hard work pays off.  Change takes times (as I mentioned in my last post), but days like today make me want to stick with it Smile so I can seen a change.

I hope your Tuesday was GREAT as well.

Let us head into our half-way day with some PINTERST MI to inspire us & motivate us to up the HARD WORK & HEALTHY HABITS!

feeling alive

i wish 2

Reason number 0326 to be FIT.

keep calm and eat healthy

Eat Healthy, Be HAPPY!

my fitspiriation pic with quote

My favorite FITspiration pic now tagged with Reason to be FIT number 0467. ~ Excellent!

strength and overcoming

today i am in charge

Awesome one!  I chose HAPPINESS today, what did you choose?