Oh, I LOVE Mondays!…They are always my most motivating day when I constantly think “Get It!”

Today started out with a workout (imagine that!) – I went to the Y about 7:30 to get in a bit of cardio…about 25 minutes of cycling by the time I chatted, then took BodyPUMP this AM with my Mom because she is OFF this week! It was a great workout for both of us.

bodypump training

After BodyPUMP I ran into a lady at the Y & got on the topic of ‘seeing results…or lack thereof.’  She was discouraged because after 2 months of hard work at the gym, she has not seen the results she had hoped for.  ~ My response to her:  DON’T GIVE UP!

It always takes longer to change your body than what you expect.  Especially when you feel like you are working SUPER HARD on it around the clock.  From my experience, it takes two months at the least for you to see noticeable change in your body.  For your average ‘Joe’ whose diet is so/so but exercise is going strong, I think it takes closer to three months!

Crazy, isn’t it?! That is why so many people who are new to fitness & healthy eating (& lifestyle changes) end up giving up & not reaping the benefits from any of their hard work.  They throw in the towel before ‘change’ has a chance to happen. 

My advice:  STICK WITH IT!   Give it 6 months of healthy eating habits (without tons of cheat-days involved) + gym time & if you still do NOT see results and/or feel any better about yourself and your body, then I say re-evaluate things & make the necessary changes you need to succeed. 

After talking with her, I realized the talk was what I needed also.  I needed to re-iterate to myself what I had told her.  CHANGE TAKES TIME.  But keep at it long enough with hard work, & you will see a difference.

I was reminded of this poem I had hanging in my bedroom at college.  I looked at everyday, at least once a day if not more.  It got me through many hard days at IU, both school-related & also when I just did NOT feel like a workout, but knew I needed to get my butt to the gym.

The Winner’s Creed

If you think you are beaten,
You are;
If you think you dare not,
You don’t;
If you’d like to win, but think you can’t,
it’s almost a cinch you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose,
You’re lost.
For out in the world we find, success begins
With a person’s faith;
It’s all in the state of mind.
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster hand;
They go to the one who trusts in God
and always thinks
“I CAN.”

After I got home from the Y, I showered & made some breakfast/lunch combined.

Breakfast/Lunch ~

monday august 27 003

High Fiber Whole Wheat Wrap with 1/2 piece pepper cheese & grilled chicken

(I toasted it)  monday august 27 004

Then added:  Sweet Pickles (3), Mustard, Spring Greens

monday august 27 007

My sides:  Carrots w/ LF Fiesta Ranch Dip + Raw Almonds +

some Grapes (not pictured)

monday august 27 006

Picked up these babies at Wal-Mart ~ No added salt or oil, but still mighty tasty.

Almonds are supposed to be excellent for trimming belly fat (just a small handful a day is all you need!) & that is what I NEED right now!

Spent the afternoon working on some Water Aerobics moves & doing things around the house, then had to be back to the Y at 3 for work.  Before leaving I made a little snack to hold me over until dinner.

Snack @ 2:30 ~

Monday August 27 003 (2)

35 Calorie Wheat Bread (toasted) with Naturally More Crunchy PB + SF Jelly

July 3 blog 012   July 3 blog 013

Seriously THE BEST.  Hands down. No JOKE.

I Red heart Naturally More PB

Worked from 3-5, then taught STEP IT UP…best class yet.  CRAZY energy in that orange room tonight!  It was AWESOME! I was an absolute “sweaty mess” after the 45 minute kick-butt cardio class. Whoop!

After the class, I went back to working out front until close & whipped up a SHAKEOLOGY for supper while I was there. 

Tried something new tonight in my shake!

       Monday August 27 005 (2)    Monday August 27 004 (2)

Yoplait GREEK mixed berry yogurt instead of using Light-n-fit yogurt

Good stuff! & made my shake taste FANTASTIC. The only problem? The added protein in the greek yogurt adds some ‘fill’ to my shake, because I got too full to finish it off.  Good thing?  I suppose so.

This is definitely a change that will stick as soon as I can get my hands on some more of the YUMMY Greek yogurt! 

I also snacked on a LF String Cheese before eating my shake…forgot about that until now.

blog august 23 011

 Delicious string cheese with 50% less fat that the normal kind = SWEET!

Alright, enough rambling for tonight!  I will leave you with some PINTEREST MI so we can hit Tuesday as hard as Monday.  I am off to write down my eats in my FIT Journal & figure out what healthy eating habit goals I managed to stick to today (which I believe is basically ALL of them! Whoop!). 


good one for the blog


i wish

Always set your goals high.

sometimes you just have to

Stick with it…JUST DO IT.

you are making progress

Winners Don’t Quit…and Quitters don’t WIN. ~ Don’t Give UP!


How will you attempt to achieve your goals in the next 7 days? Did you say “work your ASS off”?  Yea, that’s what I thought! Me too!