To fill you all in…quickly:

Yesterday (Saturday) started out GREAT with a nice morning run on the back-roads of Huntingburg…a good 5.5 miles at least.   From there, eating habits went downhill & I designated it as my ‘cheat day’ for week #1. 

My eating habits pretty much sucked…the low points are that I did NOT have a Shakeology, the evening included brownie & ice cream, and there was also snacking involved throughout the day.

I was very disappointed in my Saturday.  Today, I stepped it up again. 

After church I enjoyed some breakfast/lunch: 

* 1/2 English Muffin with Naturally More PB & SF Jelly

* Few pieces of Deli Honey Turkey (because the muffin did not quite do it for me)

I really did NOT feel like going to workout before work, but because of my crappy CHEAT-DAY Saturday, I …

1. Felt like I had to

2. Knew how much BETTER I would feel after I went & got started.

I turned on my computer after getting my things ready for work & looked at all the reasons why I am working to get back on track’ & I also looked at some PINtEREST MI that I have saved on my desktop.  Doing this was enough to get me motivated to head to the gym early.

For not wanting to go (at all), I ended up having an AWESOME workout that I hated to see end (but it had to since I was scheduled to work).  I pushed it hard on the ARC & I did feel way better after only the first 10 minutes of cardio. 

I LOVE how the gym does that to you…takes all your worries & anger & whatever else you are feeling and just allows you to forget about them for the moment while you get lost in your workout, just enjoying what you love…SWEATING & PUSHING YOURSELF!

Now, I am geared up (after my workout today…it put me back in the right mind-set) & ready for Week #2 to start.  Bring it on.  I am ready to hit the gym & keep up the healthy eating habits (besides this past Saturday!)

I am not going to dwell on my CHEAT DAY…we all have bad, off-track days at times. At least I am willing to admit mine.  Am I happy about it? HELL NO! But, life goes on.   So I get back on track & ‘hit it hard’ again this week.  Habits take time to create.  But stick with it long enough & you will create them.

I am off to create my healthy eating habits & exercise goals for Week #2, after I look at my ‘check list’ from last week to determine how I did and what areas need improvement.  I hope you take some time tonight to do the same.  Do NOT go into your Monday without some goals (at least created in your mind, if not yet written down on paper). 

Here is the PINTEREST MI  I found that will help start the week off on a POSITIVE, MOTIVATING note!

dont expect

No Excuses this week because I WANT Results!

do something

Think about this one each day of the week.  Focus on healthy eating habits & exercise…your future self will thank you for that!

haa yeah i ish

I LOVE this one! Heck ya! I have work to do!  But I am ready to do it (just had to get that motivation back)

id love to be

Reason number 0366 to be FIT. ~ I want to be that person someday…&, I will be.  As soon as I get all my ‘ducks in a row’ so they say. Hah!  (I also want to have her ABS someday! …Wow!)

i want to try

Make this your first thought in the morning when you wake up & it will surely be a GOOD Monday!

Week #2, here we come!  Get ready…LET’S DO THIS!