Wake-up alarm sounded at 5:43 this AM & I was up and going 2 seconds after that.  I was so ready to get to the gym for a ‘sweaty-mess’ workout.

This morning’s workout was SWEET!

Started with 45 intense minutes on the ARC machine doing intervals.  Followed that up with a full body workout incorporating legs, shoulders, arms,  (machines, cable + free weights) plus ‘butt & gut’ toning exercises (using resistance tube, stability ball & weighted medicine ball).  ~ An EXCELLENT way to spend the first two hours of my day!

My KICK-A** workout was due in large part to my A-MAZING playlist on my pod at the moment.  Here is the current line-up that I have on repeat:

* Work Hard, Play Hard ~ Wiz Khalifa

* I Will Wait ~ Mumford & Sons

* Home ~ Phillip Phillips

* We Run the Night ~ Havana Brown

* Set It Off (Wings & Rider Remix) ~ Pimp Dawg

* Back In Time (From “Men in Black”) ~

* Want U Back ~ Cher Lloyd

* Some Nights ~ Fun

* Getting Into You ~ Relient K

Post workout this morning I enjoyed a SUPER DELICIOUS Protein Bar I picked up at Grounded (an all natural food store) the other day.

august 24 005

august 24 006

The name is attractive…the nutrition facts get a ‘thumbs up’ & the taste was AWESOME!

Nutrition Fact Highlights of the ‘ThinkThin Brownie Crunch Bar’

* 20 Grams of PROTEIN! (cha-ching!)

* NO Sugar…but 12 Grams of Sugar Alcohols (so artificial sugars)

* 8 grams of FAT, only 3 of which are Saturated (the kind of fat you need to be cautious of!)

After the AM workout, I worked at the Y until 11 & then had a break before I had to return at 12.  I ran to the store to grab a Banana  (because I was down-right CRAVING one) Then headed back to the Y for another short 35 minute AB & Butt workout.  Hated to waste an hour of time waiting for my shift to start, so decided I might as well make good use of it!

During my afternoon shift at the Y, I munched on the Naner I bought at the store, & a LF String Cheese I had brought with me. 

blog august 23 011

Those two nutritious snacks held me over until I got home, at which time I made a Turkey wrap & enjoyed a few Special K Sour Cream & Onion Crisps to complete my lunch!

august 24 004

Wrap Ingredients:  High Fiber/Low Carb Wrap, Deli Honey Turkey, Lettuce, Sweet Pickle chips (3), Mustard

Spent the remainder of the afternoon doing some cleaning at home & trying to find some PINTERST MI for ya all.  Tried to take a quick power-nap (Sodie did NOT let this happen, as she wanted me to throw her puppy the whole time & barked her head off. So much for that idea.)

Decided to head back to the Y for Cardio Round #2 because I felt like it!  I was meeting a friend there at 7 to grab Subway, so thought I might as well make it more worth my drive over.  Made the drive more worth-while by getting  my sweat on first. Whoop!

Cardio Round #2 consisted of a VERY sweaty 40 minute spinning session.  I made every minute count, plus it was SUPER hot in the cycling room tonight, so I probably burned a few extra calories in the added sweat.  Score! Winking smile

Dinner ~

august 24 007


My sub consisted of:  Nine Grain Honey Oat break, Turkey, NO Cheese, Lettuce & Spinach, Pickles, Banana & Green Peppers, Onions, LOTS of Jalepenos (mouth was on fire!) & Honey Mustard.

Does NOT get any better than that!  Seriously.

Sweetness for the evening ~

august 24 008

Combination of frozen Blurps & Blackberries. Mmm mmm MMMM.

Get EXCITED…It’s the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND Ladies & Gentlemen!

I’ve got big plans! Do you?  ~ BodyPUMP in the AM, then some golf, a wedding, followed by lake time with the fam & pups.  Sounds like one JAM PACKED Saturday to me & I am super PUMPED about it.

Until next time, here is the PINTEREST MI to keep us all on our toes + keep the motivation high & alive!


Reason number 0544 & 0642 to be FIT

yes it is

YES…It is.  I am working on getting that feeling back!



i kicked some serious ass

I feel like this after my workouts today! Rolling on the floor laughing

today's thought

Hell-oooo ABS (of Steel)! ~ I hope I get to look down & meet you someday!

monday march 26 1

Not EASY, but SO worth it!