Since I took a day of REST from exercise today (except for a short 30 minute powerwalk on the trail when I got off work at 9 tonight),I am planning on a GOOD early morning workout before work tomorrow!

Hoping to be at the Y by 6:15 & have until 8 or a little after to enjoy the gym.  Planning on cardio, ABS & Glute work, plus maybe a few shoulder exercises if I have time to spare!  Hope I am as pumped about this workout when my alarm goes off as I am about it now Smile


Breakfast this morning ~

blog august 23 007

A freaking AWESOME PB & SF Jelly

Toasted 1/2 a Thomas LIGHT High Fiber English Muffin & topped it with the good stuff:

blog august 23 006  July 3 blog 012

SF Jelly (check out the HUGE jar I just invested in at Wally.  It should last me a while…I hope!) + Naturally More PB = the BEST combination EVER!

I also enjoyed another perfect ripeness Naner for breakfast.

I whipped up a new recipe I got from Tiff last week for AMAZING Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

blog august 23 009     Before the oven

blog august 23 010

The end result.  Scrumptious.

These muffins have the added benefit of having crushed flax seed in them & I also used only whole wheat flours when making them.  Went sparingly on the chocolate chips and generous on the cinnamon! I also did not use the entire amount of sugar it called for, and you cannot even tell it because they still taste SO GOOD! Score!

The bad idea…I made them right around lunch time, so I ended up having to enjoy one straight out the oven.  Well, one eventually turned into TWO.  That was enough to keep me full the rest of the afternoon!

Healthy lunch? Maybe not your ‘fruit and veggie’ or Shakeology healthy, but for a muffin (s)…one of the healthier options you would find out there.

Since I indulged in 2 muffins for my lunch, I took SHAKEOLOGY with me to the Y to enjoy for dinner while I was working.  I definitely felt I was in need of the nutritious benefits my shake had to offer tonight, considering my lunch did not include one single thing that was GREEN or ‘Veggie-Like.’  Oops.  august 21 005

I also packed a LF String cheese to snack on. 

blog august 23 011   blog august 23 012

Hope you are getting geared up for the weekend, because tomorrow is FRIDAY! Whoop!

I will call it a night & find some PINTEREST MI to post in order to motivate myself for my workout in the AM (and motivate you to get a good workout in tomorrow ~ start your weekend out right my friend…get the endorphins flowing!)

building muscle

Reason number 0663 to be fit…

Gotta Red heart Musck-les.

yes yes yes

Make Yourself.  Define yourself. 

fo sure

Reason number 0540 to be fit…

I saved this one as “HELL YEAH!” on my desktop.  Anyone who knows me pretty well could tell you this is me to a T.

your body can do anything

Your BODY can do ANYTHING you put your MIND to.