My day started at 3AM when I got up to shower (in order to wake myself up in the middle of the night!) & get to work at around 4AM to open the Y.  I like getting up early like this one or two days a week, until mid-afternoon hits. The energy slump usually sets in majorly around that time! 

I downed water until about 8AM, the time I normally eat breakfast…if I eat breakfast!

Breakfast ~

* LF String Cheese (YUM! – forgot how much I like this protein-packed snack)

* A Naner of perfect ripeness

grocery pics 002

Lunch ~ enjoyed with Sodie and my Nanny today…

   August phone pics 066

Started with high fiber/low carb wrap.

Added to it: 

* Laughing Cow Light Cheese Spread (1/2 wedge)

* Jalepenos

* Sweet Pickles

* Mustard

* Deli turkey breast

* Mixed greens

And I ended with this:


Healthy, filling LUNCH!

Also added a side of Carrots & LF Fiesta Ranch Dip

(recipe for dip under ‘Must Make Recipes’ …so easy)

Afternoon Snack before heading back to work:

* Grapes

* Handful of peanuts

Power-up Snack in 10 minute time span between Step & BodyPUMP tonight ~

5 to 1 bar

Bite Size (trial size) 5:1 Protein Bar – Chocolate Covered Pretzel.

9 grams of Protein & ZERO Sugar (but some sugar alcohols) in this bite size little thing that tasted DELISH!  I will be investing in more of them (got this one for FREE to try).  It is a great thing to have on hand to get me through back to back classes with plenty of POWER!

Dinner (after two crazy up-beat group exercise classes) ~


Stage 1


Stage 2


End Result. Mmmm mmm mmm.

Used frozen broccoli & sprayed with Olive Oil.  Added in fresh broccoli slaw, red pepper & onion.  Sautéed.  Added pre-grilled chicken that I thawed from the freezer. 

Topped this good-looking mixture of veggies & chicken off with some FF Italian dressing & LF Parmesan.  Hit the SPOT. 


Frozen Blurps for dessert

Overall, my Wednesday went SUPER-Quick!  How about yours?  Are you keeping up with your GOALS you set for your Healthy Eating habits?  I hope so!

Half-way to the weekend, so keep up the HARD work (and workouts!) The first three days are always the most challenging when trying to instill different eating habits. Day 3 = almost over! Whoop!

I will leave you with a little PINTEREST MI.  I am unsure of whether or not it helps you out, but the PINTEREST findings definitely help me to keep the right mind set Smile

your mind

I especially think about this when I am running.  When I feel like stopping to walk, I always keep going for a least another half mile.  Usually by that time the thought of stopping has left my mind & I just keep trucking along. Open-mouthed smile

what doesn't kill you


defined abs

Can you say RIPPED? …just slightly Winking smile

quote for p1

Sometimes I seem to have that muscle, & sometimes I don’t…it is a work in progress.

I am doing this for...