First, some eats:

Breakfast ~

august 21 002 (2)

1/2 of this YUMMY Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt. Fav flavor so far.

Trained ladies this morning at gym, then took my own workout outdoors.  Ran/Powerwalked on some back-roads & enjoyed the AWESOME weather.  iMapMyRun tracked it at 6.15 miles total.  About 45 minutes of it I spent running, the rest I powerwalked (at the beginning & end) Smile.  It was an enjoyable run & I realized how much I want to start doing it more.

I snacked on some Craisens after my run & worked at Y.

Lunch ~

Shakeology at around 1 when my hunger found its way back to me.


Snack ~

april 30 monday 043

2 Powerballs

Dinner ~

august 21 006 (2)


august 21 003 (2)

A Tad Bit of this  +

august 21 007

Some of this good stuff +

Mixed Nuts & Whole Grain Goldfish =

august 21 004 (2)

One DELICIOUS Salad! (topped with FF Italian Kraft Dressing)

In addition to my salad, I enjoyed:

* Grapes

* 3 pieces of Deli Honey Turkey Breast

I snapped the following 2 pics Sunday night, but since I had written so much in my previous two posts, I have saved them until tonight.

august 21 008

My Health, Fitness + Other Goals/To Do for Week 1 of

Getting Back on Track

I typed them out & put them in my food journal so I could refer to them when I needed a reminder!

august 21 009

Checklist of eating habits/goals for the week

I also took my first list & broke them down, then put check boxes under each eating habit goal so that I could keep daily track of whether or not I achieved them.  I did this religiously when I was in college & it did wonders for me!  It helps to see where your strengths & weaknesses fall, so you can work harder on the necessary areas Winking smile 

I also made out a LIST OF “REASONS WHY” I NEED (want & must) to get my butt back in GEAR & get down to business with my eating habits & workout routine.

The list is always good to keep on hand & have to refer to when you do not feel like doing that scheduled gym workout or when you feel like saying ‘screw it,’ give me that darn brownie!

Whatever it is that may be hard for you, having your list of REASONS WHY handy will help you think about the choice you are up against & allow you to resist, resist, resist! or make it to the gym & hit it hard!! It works this way for me most of the time, anyways. ~ However, if you do not refer to it, then it will not help you to write them out.

I do not expect to have stars penciled in across the board this week for all my eating habit goals on my checklist sheet, but what I do expect to see is PROGRESS!  From tracking this week I will see where my weaknesses are & then set out to work harder on improving them in Week #2!  That is my purpose for all of this Smile

Hope this has instilled an idea or two in your head to help you achieve your Health & Fitness goals!

Until tomorrow, some PINTEREST MI awaits…ENJOY.

choose your hard

you are confined

If you have built walls, start knocking them down…NOW!

before you...

A few words of wisdom.


My favorite FITspiration pic. Ever.

I just keep telling myself “One of these days.” LOL.  ~ Dreams can happen, right?! Winking smile

what would you attempt

Think about this question, then answer it.  Then attempt it. If you FAIL…you will get back up & TRY AGAIN (and again & again & again) until you SUCCEED.