Today was Monday.  My start to what I have titled “Getting Back on Track…Again.”

Started the adventure out with some morning BodyPUMP.  I did not teach, but rather took. I was a participant who focused on form & going UP on my weight selections while having FUN with the others & the inspiring instructor who taught the class! Once it ended, I felt beat. Literally.  It was a GREAT feeling though!

After BodyPUMP, I did a 30 minute CXWorx core workout with two other Y instructors.  It was a quick (but intense) AB & BUTT workout that will soon be part of the group exercise line-up at the Tri-Y!

Once the AM workout was finished, I downed a little Cookies n Cream Protein Shake for breakfast/recovery.

August phone pics 003

Lunch later in the afternoon when the hunger came back consisted of:

* One high fiber wrap sprayed with olive oil & toasted

* Home-made Salsa + 1 Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge

         (spread the cheese on the wrap, then dipped it in the salsa!)

* 1/2 Apple (Fuji) + 1/2 Banana

Cannot leave out the few bites of Powerball mixture I had while rolling it all out into balls (my mom had mixed all the ingredients last night, but did not have time to roll it into balls, so put me in charge of that today….thanks mom. NOT! Why? because I cannot resist sneaking bites while I roll the little balls. Ugh!)

pics from jan 30 and 31 029 

This evening I taught STEP IT UP (a step aerobics class) at the Y and worked up front at the courtesy desk.  The step class was full & so energetic tonight it was AWESOME!  I was a sweaty mess after the 45 minute class was over & felt like I had got in a SWEET cardio workout in short amount of time! I was pumped!

A friend at the Y told me I should snap a pic of my sweaty shirt…check it out:

august 21 001

My sweat from class created a HEART on my shirt! Hah! ~ I said “I guess I gave my heart a pretty good CARDIO workout tonight & it wanted me to know it!”

During my shift at the front desk after teaching step, I whipped out my lunch box I had packed and created a YUMMY Greenberry Shakeology for supper!

august 21 003

Snapped quick pic of all the necessary ingredients needed to create a great shake…I added a new one tonight:  CHIA SEEDS! Thanks to my good friend Tiff!

The rest is the norm:  skim milk, Light-n-fit Strawberry yogurt, 4 frozen strawberries + frozen blurps + 1 scoop Shakeology mixture.

Mix it all together and what you get?!

august 21 005

Supper time!

Once I got home from work, I needed just a little something to actually munch! So my final eats on this Monday came from a piece of 35 calorie toast with a bit of spray butter & SF Jelly! It hit the spot to end my Day 1 Eats.

August phone pics 047         august 21 006

There you have it, back to business one day at a time.  If I could do Day 1 over, I would cut out the Powerball dough I munched on ~ but other than that, I was content with my choices on Day 1. 

How was your Monday?  Did you start if off on the right foot?  Did you make some Health & Fitness Goals for this week before it started? I hope so — it tends to help when you have them written out & refer back to them on a daily basis.

I will leave you tonight with motivating PINTERST MI for you (and me!) to store in your (and my!) mind when you we need that added ‘push.’

nike quote 2


So TRUE! I LOVE being SORE & so should YOU!

good one for the blog

One of my FAVS – it’s when you lose the commitment that you start lacking in effort, then follow it up with ZERO progress.  But then, you clear your head & your mind & find your way back to that ultimate commitment, at which time you begin to maximize your efforts & reap the sweet progress. That is what I am shooting for, anyways!

good better best

Good. Better. Best – ‘nough said.