Started off my Sunday morning with church.  Visited CCJ (Christian Church of Jasper) because a friend of mine invited me to go along.  I have heard great things about the church…and it WAS great! Absolutely enjoyed myself the whole time.  Walked out knowing my weekly ‘spiritual cup’ had been refilled for the week ahead of me!

On the agenda after church was a much needed CARDIO WORKOUT at the Y.  I spent 90 minutes or so “sweating my butt-off” (<—wish that phrase was literal!) on the ARC & Upright bike.  By the end, I felt AWESOME (and somewhat drenched Winking smile)!

keep calm and...

I started out reading a new Fitness magazine I recently received in the mail while I was on the ARC.  When I was ready for a change-up, I pulled up my blog online & started reading through my old posts.  As I read them, I kept thinking to myself “what un-clicked…seriously?!” – reading my own posts from June & July motivated me!  What un-clicked in my mind right after the first week of July is what I was trying to figure out.  I feel like that is about the time I started veering off the great path I was traveling to a new level of FITness for myself.

As I kept reading & sweating (and wishing I could go back in time about 5 weeks), I kept thinking about what the ‘trigger’ of this change in attitude was.  How in world could I go from that level of motivation & determination to where I feel I am now…back to square one.  I pinned the ‘trigger’ to STRESS.  Stress does crazy things to many minds…and my mind is one of them I suppose.  Do you notice if stress causes you to think & act differently…or change your mind-set about things?

The last 4-6 weeks I have spent at higher stress levels than I had in a good many months.  I think being under lots of stress causes my mind to almost become ‘hazy’ and I lose sight of everything I care so much about, such as my fitness & nutrition goals!!

As I woke up yesterday morning I seriously felt like what-ever had ‘un-clicked’ in my mind weeks ago (I do not know what the h*** it was) had finally decided to ‘click’ back on!  I have decided it is due to this Saturday being the first day I have had little or no stress in many weeks!  And this coming week I knew would be less stressful too (which only boosted my attitude)!  The ‘haze’ that was clouding my motivated mind-set for the last 4 weeks had finally been lifted ~ Thank goodness!

I am so ready to get back to where I was the first of July.  I did not realize how “together” I had it at that time.  The exercise and eating habits were clicking & the determination was in full swing.  My goal is to get back to that point as soon as possible.  I want to feel good Smile…I want to feel Healthy. Fit. Happy. ~ if this motivation & determination I have going into this week sticks around (and the stress levels stay LOW for a while), I should be able to get back to that point (and beyond!) in due time.  At least that is the HOPE.

I just had to share with you my experience with STRESS.  It affects everyone differently.  I for one, do NOT handle stress well.  Do you?

As far as my Health & Exercise Goals for the coming week, I will save them for tomorrow’s post since I rambled on far too long already.  I have written them out in my FIT Journal, which I plan to start using again (tonight actually, as I write down all of today’s eats) since I may have the time to keep up on it again for once.  I know it will help me with my food choices & quantities without a doubt.  When I keep a food journal, I always think of the phrase “you ate it, now negate it!”

 I hope you all have enjoyed the AWESOME weather by being outdoors this weekend & I hope you will continue to follow me as I try to make a come-back to the blogging world.  I want to help you reach your fitness and/or nutrition goals as I continue to make steps both forward & backward toward mine. 

Persistence is key.  I suppose it is okay to get off the beaten path,  just as long as you find your way back to it (in a timely manner!) & keep on pushing.

A little PINTEREST MI to start your weeks off right…

rise up and attack day

Think about this as you rise & shine tomorrow morning!

what you do today...

Decide today what you want to commit to achieving, then work hard on every ‘tomorrow’ that follows & somewhere down the road, you will SUCCEED.

keep on working towards goals

Day by Day. 

I will keep this in mind as I head into week 1 of what I call

‘Getting Back on Track!’

Until tomorrow…Best,