Wow…LONG TIME, NO POSTS!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote a blog post. Sad smile

Life just got crazy busy and that meant blogging was pushed to the sidelines for me because I just had ZERO time for it.

It amazes me (when I look back to when I was blogging daily) how much it helped me to ‘stay on track’ with my eating habits.  Since I stopped blogging my eating habits have slowly moved from AWESOME (then) to OK (3 weeks ago) to just SO SO (the past week or 2).

Over the past 4 weeks especially, my eating habits have slipped and my workouts have lessened due to having way less time & way less energy.

I don’t exactly feel  Healthy. Fit. Happy (the title of my last blog post on July 7!) at. the moment.  Not at all, actually…I feel more like:   out-of-shape. content. and a bit on the unhealthy side compared to what I am used to!

However, things are on the up-swing now (thank goodness!) & my schedule is looking to be more open in the coming weeks. With a more open schedule comes less STRESS, which will hopefully help my eating habits since STRESS does nothing good for them (I am one who tries to alleviate my stress by making my way to the kitchen.  You would think I would have figured it out by now that eating does not cause the STRESS to magically disappear, but my mind never ceases to think that it will cure the problem. Ugh). 

I am so ready to jump back on the blogging band-wagon at the same time I get back into my normal groove of healthy eating habits & kick-butt workouts!  Whoop!! Open-mouthed smile

A much more strict eating game-plan & more intense exercise schedule will be back in action for me starting tomorrow! ~  I am so looking forward to more time & more energy to put into my exercise and eating habits.  Getting off track is NOT fun, but getting back on track IS (because you get to make strides and reach the little goals you set for yourself) All it takes is a little hard-work, dedication, & some will-power (all of which have been missing from my mind-set these last 4 or so weeks!  but, woke up this morning & found them again…SW–EEEET!)

I will fill you in on my eating & workout game plan (AKA = my health goals for the week) in tomorrow’s post.  Until then, it feels great to be back & I hope I am able to stay for a while this time!

Leaving with you tonight with the same great PINTEREST MI to help motivate you (and me!) like it has in the past.

become what inspires you

What inspires me = people who are FIT.


I’d call her FIT I think! … or RIPPED!

dont be upset

Ahhh, so TRUE.  I cannot be upset with the (negative) changes I have seen in my body (and my self confidence) these past few weeks because I know good & well that I have been slacking on my normal healthy eating habits & have been spending less time in the gym. 


Glad I am ready to work hard this week…are you?!

dear body

This one fits me perfectly at the moment.

Find your motivation & determination if it has been misplaced for a bit (like mine was) because we are going to make strides together this coming week!