Saturday morning WORKOUT = Fantastic!  The best way to start my day, for sure. 

I could NOT hardly sleep last night (literally slept about 2 hours total!) & I am pretty sure it was because I was so excited about today. ~ One, because I knew I was going to rise & shine for a GREAT workout session in the gym.  And two, because of plans for this evening to hopefully hit the LAKE & enjoy some much wanted time on the water!

After my gym workout this morning, which included a little cardio (wish I would have had time for a little more) & strength training, I enjoyed a Cookies-n-Cream protein shake on the drive home. Another great tasting BREAKFAST to add to my weekIt was so good…& filled me up for the entire morning!

July 7 blog 003

I am loving the new shaker bottle from ANN ! Such a pretty summer color!

Went home after my workout to take Sophie & Lilly to the groomer’s with my Mom.  Then cleaned up & headed straight back to the Y, only this time it was because I had to work. Wish it could have been for another workout! Winking smile

I packed a small snack of some gold-fish & nuts to take with me, because I was not sure how much of my day would be spent there. 

july 5 010

One of my new FAVS for snacking & adding to salads! – If you have not already noticed!

Work flew by, & I did end up eating the majority of the snack I packed at around 1 o’clock when my hunger hit.  The nuts definitely do the trick if you are looking for a snack that will take care of your hunger quickly!

Just made it home from work about 3 and was ready to a enjoy a little lunch.  Something cold sounded PERFECT!

Went with…

July 7 blog 007

Salad with Broccoli slaw, a tad bit of shredded cheddar cheese, about 7 nuts (since I had already eaten some as my snack I tried not to overdue it on the salad…but what salad is complete without a few nuts?!) & 5 Whole Grain Croutons (bought by Mom! SWEET!)

Not pictured:  The FF Italian (Kraft) dressing I used on my salad.

The Blurps were frozen (the only way I want them these days!) & pure deliciousness!

Here are the croutons I used on my salad…

July 7 blog 004

They do not top the Goldfish at the moment, but they satisfied the CRUNCH I was in search of!

I hope you all were able to get in a workout this morning, & if you have not done so yet…the day is NOT over!  There is still plenty of time, so GET TO IT! 

Keep the habits healthy the rest of the day & ENJOY the weekend.

abs in the kitchen

Something to keep in mind this weekend! 

limitations live only

july blog

What everyone should strive to be Smile

After the gym workout this morning, plus my healthy eating choices thus far today…I think I am feeling HEALTHY, FIT, & HAPPY! Whoop!

march 29 possible

Perseverance leads to SUCCESS.