Friday is HERE! & mine started different than most of my recent days. 

I had to work this morning at the Y, so did not get in my usual workout to start the day.  Since I was not going to have a workout once I got there, I decided to enjoy some BREAKFAST this morning before I left!

My breakfast was the most ENJOYABLE meal I have had all week! I loved it!

july 6 002

1/3 Whole Wheat sub-bread from IGA bakery, toasted with Natural PB + SF Jelly on part of it.  Ate other part plain.

july 6 003

1/2 Naner

july 6 005

A small glass of SKIM milk…about 1 serving size I would estimate

july 6 004

Supplements:  2 CLA + 1 L-Carnitine + 1 Ultra Chromium Polynicotinate

The combination of wheat toast, PB & Banana is supposed to be the ideal ratio of fat: carbs: proteins for your body!  I totally agree, because I was satisfied all morning long.  NO hunger rumbles from my tummy at all.  And felt very energetic, too!

Lunch this afternoon:  Greenberry Shakeology…cool & refreshing!

july 6 007

I got to enjoy my shake in this SWEET new blender bottle that my sister THE BEST SISTER EVER got me the other day during her trip to Indy.  I had seen them at GNC the other day, but opted not to spend the money on another since I already owned one similar.  It does not even surprise me that she got it for me, as she ALWAYS thinks of others before herself.  She definitely spoils her little sister! I Love her MUCHOS!

After my Shakeology, I ended up snacking on another 1/3 of the wheat sandwich bun left from this morning.  Not toasted or anything, just plain this time.  (if you have not yet noticed, I have an extreme liking for bread…not a good thing! but one I have to deal with.  I try to eat it in moderation, but I could never completely cut it from my daily diet.)

Before work this evening, I decided to enjoy a little more of that juicy cantaloupe I had cut up.  It was OH SO GOOD!

Post work (which flew by) I met TIFF for our weekly walk & talk session!  It was a HOT ONE at the walking trail, but we had a fantastic power-walk.  I definitely look forward to our walks.  Time passes crazy fast because we chat about this & that the ENTIRE time!

Since I hadn’t eaten any dinner yet, I decided to enjoy some frozen Blurps to cool off after I got home from the walk.  

july 4 004

Let’s just say…these babies are a little bit of Heaven in a Bowl. Seriously.

I also reached for…

april 30 monday 044

A POWERBALL…x2! ~ This is my energy I hope to use for the Saturday morning workout I have planned.  I took a rest day today (well, besides the walk) so I could have an extra good workout tomorrow morning with fresh, rested muscles!  Yes!

Now, I am headed for a little relaxation time…going to start reading a book a friend of mine just passed along to me this evening. Seemed to think I would really enjoy it. ~ I am about to find out!

july 6 part 2 001

Have a GREAT weekend everyone & keep up the healthy eating habits going into the weekend!  I know it is hard come weekend time, but WE can do it! Get in a good workout to keep your head in the right mind-set…FOCUSED!



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