It’s Thursday! Woo!

This morning I started my day by meeting with a few ladies. I am going to be working with them in the gym at the Y soon!  We talked about their goals, their strengths & weaknesses in their diets + exercise, and discussed our meeting times.  We start next week!  I am SUPER excited to train them ~ hoping I can help them work their way into a healthy & fit lifestyle!


After our little meet & greet session, I went into the gym for a bit of my own GYM TIME! I had the rest of the morning off, so I took advantage of it & got in…

next 7

It felt AWESOME!

By the time I got home at 11:30, my tummy was rumbling.  I reached for 1/2 a Naner + some pieces of delicious cantaloupe I cut up this morning beforel leaving for the Y! 

july 5 001

After cleaning up & returning some phone calls, I whipped up a Greenberry SHAKEOLOGY for lunch! Mmmm mmmm good!

july 5 003

Once I finished off my shake, I enjoyed ONE POWERBALL to top of my lunch. I needed to ‘chew’ something! so I let that little piece of power be it!

Ann came home this afternoon & we decided to spend some time together by getting our nails manicured…check them out!  They screeeeeam SUMMERTIME!

july 5 006

Hot pink with one ‘party’ nail on each hand that is super sparkly!..We both LOVE them!

Once we were back home, I was able to relax for just a bit before having to get ready to head back to the Y to work + teach BodyPUMP!  Since I made SHAKEOLOGY for lunch, I had to come up with something easy to pack for supper because I knew I wouldn’t be home until after 10…way TOO late to be eating dinner!

I decided on left-over leafy greens from yesterday! – Which I was perfectly content with since the salad was super tasty the first time I had it.

Prepared the same way! YUM!

A ‘Blah’ Salad to start…

july 5 007

Then it gets a little better…

july 5 009

Added some Broccoli Slaw & just a BIT of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Packed a few more things to spice it up…

july 5 011

Goldfish, Almonds + Peanuts + Cashew mix

You get…an AMAZINGLY GOOD finished product…

july 5 015

I also packed some more of the fresh cantaloupe to eat with this delicious salad.

Yet, so much for the packing in order to avoid eating at 10:30.  I had ZERO time at work after BodyPUMP to eat anything! Then, when I closed the Y at nine, I stayed to walk with a friend on the trail. ~ Ended up eating my supper at home about 10:30 after all.  It tasted AWESOME, but I just HATE having to eat that late.  There was no way I’d make it until morning, though.  My tummy was rumbling!

Work flew by tonight & I am still trying to figure out how tomorrow is Friday already!

Hope you all had a productive Thursday & were able to get in a good workout + make healthy eating choices throughout the day.  Keep the healthy habits in check & you will for sure start to feel better, and look better too!! Yea!



Tomorrow is Friday…so wake up and be ‘AWESOME!’

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