Happy July 4th Everyone!  Hope you all have had an AWESOME day off & enjoyed it, too!

Being that Tiff & I did not get in until about 12:45 last night & my head did not hit the pillow until after 1 AM, my 6 AM rise & shine alarm came WAY TOO QUICKLY this morning!  I got up at 6 in order to be at the Y by 7 for a scheduled BodyPUMP practice with my Y gals ~ we are practicing our new release coming the start of August!  It had some challenging tracks & the music PUMPED-ME-UP. It was definitely a GREAT BodyPUMP session!

thursday bog


After BodyPUMP, my muscles were in need of some refueling on the way to the pool – super thankful I decided last minute to pack a mini Cookies & Cream Protein Shake to take with me! I drank that on my drive from Ferdinand to Huntingburg, where I went straight to the pool for WATER AEROBICS!

We had lots of participants ready to get some exercise in the water, even with it being a holiday!  I was a sweaty mess after teaching on the pool deck for an hour due to the HOT sun, but it was so worth it! A fun & energetic class for sure.

When I got home from aerobics, I munched on one (they are so good I could eat ten, but I opted to be satisfied after enjoying only one!) freshly made POWERBALL before getting cleaned up for my next fun task…some Golf with Dad.

april 24 006

Golfing was HOT, but very enjoyable since I played well.  The heat must not have affected my game too much & the morning exercise probably made me good and loose, so I was able to shoot even par ~ I’ll take it!

Post golf I ate a little snack/lunch & drank TONS of water!!

july 4 001

Finished a 1/2 of a Naner I had left from yesterday in the fridge.  It was perfect ripeness.

july 4 003

Toasted the other half of my wheat bun left from yesterday & added PB + SF Jelly to one half.  Ate the other half plain.  Mmm mmmm good!

july 4 004

Also enjoyed some FROZEN blueberries (if you’ve not tried them frozen, get on it ASAP!) my good FRAND Tiff brought back for me from northern Indiana.  They were AMAZING!

Tried to enjoy my day off by relaxing a little & taking in some rays of SUNSHINE pool-side, but 5 minutes after I put my towel down it started raining on me! – I just laid there hoping it would pass for a good 10 minutes.  When it only started coming down harder, I decided that plan was a FAIL!

For dinner tonight Mom, Dad & I went into my grandparents house to enjoy some family time with them & my Aunt/Uncle.  My grandma wanted to get pizza, something easy for her.  Which was okay by me because my mom volunteered to bring a yummy salad to go along with it! Yay!

july 4 part 2 002

My BIG Salad! – Romaine Lettuce, a tad-bit of shredded cheddar cheese, Goldfish (I specifically packed a small zip-lock bag of them just to put on my salad!), a few croutons + a small handful of almonds, peanuts & cashews mixed.

Used FF Italian dressing (brought that for myself also!) & munched on a few carrots, too!

I also opted to have a small sample of pizza because it looked & smelled mighty good.

july 4 part 2 003

I ended up eating the little corner & half of the other piece, then throwing out the rest.  A few bites was enough for me.  It tasted pretty good, but not worth the calories to me.

Notice anything strange about the pic? – probably saying to yourself, “why is she putting her pizza in a bowl?” – well, my grandma had bowls for salad & plates for the pizza, but that little bowl was not big enough for the healthy salad of mine that I chose to make the majority of my meal, but it was a good size for the small pieces of pizza I wanted to sample.  I chose to fill the bigger plate with healthy, & use the smaller for the ‘not so healthy’ choice.  Good idea, eh?

We were celebrating the 4th of July, in addition to my Aunt’s birthday…therefore, we had cake. Oh, and ice cream (home-made ice cream, actually). 

I wanted to avoid all of it, all together.  But the cake looked too yummy to pass up.  I said NO THANKS to the ice cream & opted for a small piece of white birthday cake instead (at least I did not accept both, right!). Without knowing for sure, my guess is the little piece of cake I had was a better option than the home-made (CREAMY = fatty) ice cream. Not positive, though.

july 4 part 2 008

White Cake with Whipped Icing. Ate it slow & enjoyed it’s sweetness!

I am a far cry from having a completely healthy diet, but I took the cake in moderation tonight.  I enjoyed it, but didn’t overdue a good thing. Along the same lines, I ate a few bites of pizza to sample it & was satisfied.  Therefore, I am happy with my eating choices tonight. In addition, my eats today up to dinner were a great variety of healthiness, so I felt OK ‘splurging’ a little tonight!  Shakeology is back on the menu for tomorrow though, without a doubt!

july 4 part 2 013

Little Sophie bagging for some ice cream from her Grampie! How could you turn down that face? I Love her SO much, can you see why?!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Fourth of July! ~ Keep up the hard work & healthy habits as you make your way into THURSDAY!!

july pic

…All men are created equal, that they endowed  by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, & the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Here: some PINTERST MI for you!

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