So many things on my TO DO list for Tuesday!  The first thing being…to tackle a morning workout at the Y with the BEST SISTER Ever! It was a great sweat session that included mostly cardio + ABs for me, with a few other exercises thrown in the mix.

you can't hope wish

When we got back home from the gym, I reached for a 1/2 a Naner to satisfy my hunger, then a short while later made a Greenberry SHAKEOLOGY to enjoy for lunch.  It tasted DELISH…best I have made in a while!

July 3 blog 002  July 3 blog 003

While enjoying my SHAKEOLOGY, I worked on making several phone calls, some of which were to various individuals interested in setting up gym training sessions at the Y with me!

My schedule already looks pretty packed for July, so finding time to fit them in might be a bit of a challenge, but I am going to do my best to work them all in because I definitely enjoy working with individuals in the gym! I LOVE seeing people taking strides toward a healthier lifestyle & want to help them in any way I can!

yes for march 29

After all the phone calls + sending some emails, my sister & I took a break to go visit our grandparents. We try to see them at least once a week, if not more!

July 3 blog 008

Here is little Sodie-Pop at our Mama & Papa’s house ~ She & Lilly ran sprints around their house chasing one another for so long while we were visiting!…She was BEAT!

July  Blog Photos 001

Speaking of ‘beat’…here is Sophie last night.  I’m sitting in the chair above her blogging & she is passed out on the living room floor!  It was past her bedtime I suppose. She looks too stinking innocent in this pic!

By the time we got home from our visits, it was 3 o’clock & my belly was rumbling.  It was time for something…something…Sweet! (Bet you all just pictured Winnie the Pooh saying this, didn’t you?!) I did not opt for something sweet, but instead turned to my AWESOME PB that ranks #1 on my snack list right now!

July 3 blog 011

Similar to yesterday’s snack, only today I used:

July 3 blog 009  

July 3 blog 010

 Puffed Wheat Snacks! A serving size is 8 crisps, what you see on my plate is 2 broken apart! How about them Nutrition Facts?! You can divide what you see on the label by 4, because I only ate 1/4 a serving…SWEET!

July 3 blog 012

July 3 blog 013


For those of you who love PB, I strongly urge you to buy the NATURAL kind.  It is way less likely to contain hydrogenated oils (BAD for you!) & should not have any preservatives (if you did not know, SUGAR is often used as a preservative!) – that is not to say that Natural PB will have no sugar, but it will usually be natural sugars coming from the natural ingredients used in the PB, NOT added sugars like you’ll find in your normal container of JIF.

Also, when looking at PB labels, definitely take a look at the FAT content.  You want very little of the fat to be SATURATED! Plus, the higher the Mono- & especially the Poly- unsaturated fats are in respect to the total fat content, the better!

Let me explain using my label…

There are 14 grams of FAT in 2 tablespoons of this PB.

Of those 14 grams, only 2 grams are SATURATED fats…1/7th of the fat. That’s pretty darn good for PB!

Of those 14 grams, about 4.1 grams are Omega 3s & 1.2 grams are Omega 6s…both Omega 3 & 6 are POLYUNSATURATED fatty acids…so over 1/3 of the fat is the good stuff!

The remaining 6.7 grams of FAT are NOT Trans Fats (super BAD for you!), but just triglycerides that your body can metabolize.  They do not have the benefits of Omega 3 & 6, but they are not as bad as SATURATED.  They are the ‘middle’ man you could say.

In addition to the FAT content, you want to look at the amount of SUGAR.  The lower the better! Look in the ingredient list (bottom of label) & spot check for any added sugars listed…such as High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  If you see any listed, put it back on the shelf because there is a better PB out there for you!!

Those are the most important tips I’ll hand out to you for choosing your PB ~ Once you find a healthy one you like…ENJOY!

Back to the topic of checking off tasks on the TO DO list, here is another one listed on mine:

July 3 blog 016

July 3 blog 015

My garage currently has TOO MANY boxes of my stuff sitting in it!  This is all the things my family & I boxed up from my apartment in Bloomington & brought home the Friday before we left on vacation.  My dad already put all the furniture in storage, but I have to go through all this other stuff & decide what to keep & what to get rid of.  It is going to take more than a day, for sure!

Dinner tonight was quite TASTY tonight ~

July 3 part 2 002

A salad very similar to last night, only bigger & with the addition of Broccoli Slaw. Also had Gold Fish, a bit of LF Parmesan cheese, & mix of a few Almonds, Cashews , & Peanuts. Mmmmm!

July 3 part 2 003

Deli Turkey sandwich on 1/2 a Whole Wheat Bun from IGA bakery/deli with Sweet Pickles, Mustard, a tiny piece of Pepper Cheese, & Lettuce.

One of my FAVORITES!

Tonight I am headed down to the Huntingburg League Stadium to watch some Bombers play baseball with Miss Tiff!! I LOVE me some TIFF TIME!

We used to spend about every day of summer together working at the pool & working out together.  Now, with both of us having different jobs (we both opted not to return to the Huntingburg City Pool this year), we are lucky to get together for a walk/chat once a week!

Hope you all had an awesome Tuesday & are gearing up for a GREAT Forth of July tomorrow!  Make sure to get your workout in early tomorrow before all the festivities begin!

A little PINTERST MI to keep the motivation alive into Wednesday (& the Holiday!)…

friday march 23 blog

i am who I am today bc


You must change your OLD habits, into HEALTHY, NEW habits before you will see a change in your body, your mind, & your attitude. I was always told a healthy habit takes at least six weeks to create.  If you can make it past the initial six weeks, you have likely instilled a habit that will last.

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