I LOVE Mondays!! (note: Montag = Monday in Deutsch!)

Ann & I woke up at 7 this morning & quickly got ready to head over to the YMCA for an early morning WORKOUT!  I love early morning workouts, but I also love evening workouts, heck…I love ANY workout!

When I was at IU, I would start my day off with exercise in my room at about 6 or 7 AM, then take a break from my studies & go exercise at 10 or 11 at night to energize myself before usually hitting the books again when I got back until I fell asleep on my bed in the wee hours of morning! I loved LATE NIGHT workouts when I was at IU! – On most nights I had the Crimson Gym (the super nice gym at my apartment complex) all to myself & would sing out loud on the treadmill to my pumped-up tunes while I was running (NO joke!). 

Those were the days Winking smile.

I spent this morning at the gym walking uphill on the treadmill & using the ARC while going over my BodyPUMP 80 release that I was going to teach today for a change-up. 

I wore my new Brooke’s TENNIES today that I got before going on vacation! I broke them in on my morning runs last week, & realized I am never ready to take them off my feet because they are so comfy ~  A perfect running shoe for sure.

July  Blog Photos 008

July  Blog Photos 010

The backs are my favorite part I think! Why? Because they have POLKA DOTS on them! Sweet!!

I was good & warm when BodyPUMP started at 8:30. – Had 4 new participants in my class today, which is AWESOME!  I love to see new people trying out BodyPUMP…guarantee most of them get hooked! ~ this morning’s BodyPUMP was a FANTASTIC workout. 

Megan & I had planned on going to Lincoln after I finished BodyPUMP to ride bikes, but we decided to do what Megan called the “tour de Huntingburg” today, instead of driving down to Lincoln to enjoy the “tour de Lincoln!”  ~ We rode on back-roads for a good hour or so, & encountered one too many HILLS on our journey.  There was one final hill we had to climb to reach the destination where we started our trek, & my legs would just not allow me to climb it.  Quads were beat. I had to get off my bike half-way up & push it the rest of the way!

After all the AM workouts, I needed some Food for FUEL (and recovery)!

I opted for:

July  Blog Photos 007


July  Blog Photos 003

A YUMMY Greenberry Shakeology!

Hit the SPOT!

After the morning full of workouts, I spent the remainder of the day running errands with Ann that included a visit to the Post Office, Library, Bank, & GNC.

I picked up this book while at the library…super excited to starting reading it!

July  Blog Photos 006
Hoping I will be able to share some tips I learn from it with you all soon.

At GNC I picked up some supplements that I was running low on. 

July  Blog Photos 004

I believe I introduced these to you in a previous post, but for any new readers out there…

The L-Carnitine helps your body to metabolize fatty acids (a part of the triglyceride…aka = fat).  Therefore, I’m saying it helps your body to metabolize (make use of) the fat you eat/the fat that is stored in your body. I take 2000mg per day divided between my meals.

The CLA stands for Conjugated (basically meaning it has evenly separated “double bonds” – you’ll understand this if you have taken your fair share of chem couses!) Linoleic Acid.  It is a fatty acid that helps your body use some of your stored fat as fuel, as well as aid in lean muscle development.  It is a fatty acid your body NEEDS to function at its best, but one that most of us lack adequate amounts of in our everyday diet.  I take 1-2 CLA capsules with each meal. 

Once we got back from running errands, I ‘analyzed’ my hunger status & my belly was rumbling.  I just wanted to make sure I was not finding myself in the kitchen just because. I think I was so active this morning that my Shakeology was digested more quickly than normal. 

Therefore, I contemplated what kind of healthy afternoon snack I was in the mood for & decided on:

July  Blog Photos 005

WASA Whole Wheat Crackers with Naturally More Crunchy PB spread on two of them!


Went to the Pool about 6 o’clock to teach Water Aerobics, but we only managed to get in half the class before we saw lightening & had to have all the participants get out the water.  Bummer.

Dinner tonight was less than normal.  For some reason I did not have much of an appetite…which I did NOT mind at ALL!

July  Blog Photos 013 Small Salad (I’d taken a few bites already before I snapped the pic) with Almonds, Goldfish, & FF Italian Dressing.

July  Blog Photos 014

Two small pieces of grilled chicken for my protein fix Smile 

After dinner, the rain had past & I headed over to the Y for a night walk with a Friend at the trail behind the YMCA. It was the perfect night for a walk.  Felt great outside! ~ An awesome way to end my day!

Ann & I are planning another morning workout tomorrow, then I will be spending the day checking things off of my TO DO list! (very pumped about both of these!)

Hope you all had a GREAT Monday & were able to keep the eating habits healthy + get in a workout of some sort…remember: a little workout is better than nothing at all! Every little bit you do puts you one step closer to achieving your goal.

i kicked some serious ass

I will agree with this statement today…and so will my QUADS.

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I am ON IT….are you?!

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