Today FLEW BY! and it went like this:

* Church

* Workout at the Y with Ann (before work)

* Work at Y from 1-5

* Walk with Friend after work, then got caught in a storm at Jasper where we walked & couldn’t get home until it calmed down!

* Watched Gymnastic Olympic trials with Megan & the fam! – I love watching women’s gymnastics, especially the Olympic trials!!

Overall my SUNDAY FUNDAY was great! The workout with Ann at the ‘Y’ felt AWESOME! – I did mainly cardio on the treadmill (interval running + some walking uphill) & all sorts of AB exercises using various equipment in the gym! I downloaded some new tunes to my IPOD the other night, which made my workout that much better because I was PUMPED to listen to them all.

After church & before heading to the ‘Y’  for the day, I had a little breakfast/lunch that included:

* Deli turkey (sliced) on 3 Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuts.

* 1/2 a FUJI apple

* 1/2 a cup Light-n-Fit Strawberry Yogurt.

* 1/2 a Tell City Pretzel (a really CRUNCHY & salty pretzel that my Dad LOVES!)

Since I went straight to my walk from work, I did not have a chance to eat anything else until I arrived back home at around 8 this evening.

My mom had made roasted veggies for supper & wild rice, so I ate what was left of the veggies & had a helping of rice to go along with them.  I also managed to eat a delicious Banana & a Zucchini Brownie that my Mom had whipped up at some point today while I was gone.  I knew I didn’t need it, but since I’ve never had a zucchini brownie before, I felt it necessary I try it! Winking smile.  Tomorrow I am back to all business. 

I WILL NOT be touching those brownies! 

I will also snap pictures again tomorrow.  I was just in a hurry when I ate my first meal today, & too hungry to think about snapping a picture before my meal tonight.  SO SORRY!  I WILL do better tomorrow & every day that follows.

I hope you all had an ENJOYABLE Sunday & are ready for the first week of July to start tomorrow!  I am ready for tomorrow because it is a great opportunity to start attaining new goals that I have been thinking about for the month of July (like I said in last night’s post) & get a fresh, clean start on healthy eating habits being that it is a Monday! 

Well, I am off to write out my goals & think about what I want to improve on in my eating habits & workout routines before tomorrow gets here.  You all should write out your goals, too!

Here is some PINTEREST MI to inspire us to CHALLENGE ourselves tomorrow & everyday! ~ Without a CHALLENGE, there will be NO CHANGE!

dont compare yourself

Comparing myself to yesterday, I _________ (fill in the blank!)

march 29 maybe

I’m working on this.  Working on remembering what the real purpose of food is.  It is for nourishment. It is NOT for controlling emotions, or making you feel better after a bad day, or for beating boredom. 

Its purpose is solely to give our bodies the nourishment it needs to accomplish GREAT things each day…it was not created for the many other things we have decided to use it for in our lives. 

then do it again

And again, and again, and again!  Red heart it!

sore body today

That is a comforting thing to know I suppose, because the back-to-back BodyPUMP classes have me a bit SORE today!!

i can do this

I can, and I WILL! – and I know you can, & WILL!