Hello fellow blog-readers!  I hope you all have been doing well this past month or so.  I have been MIA for several weeks now because I have just been busy, busy, busy lately – there has been no spare moment for me to write a post, until NOW! I have just spent the last week on vacation with my family.  It was so enjoyable. We went to Kentucky Lake so that we could break-in our new boat.

Here are a few pics to recap the vacation week: 

vacation pictures & more 054

After arrival, Sophie & I on our way out for our first boat ride of the trip

vacation pictures & more 067

The boat that provided all the FUN we had this past week!!

vacation pictures & more 092

We enjoyed a couple morning rounds of golf before hitting the lake. I’m analyzing my putt here before sinking it Rolling on the floor laughing

vacation pictures & more 112

Not only the BEST Dad in the world, but the BEST Caddie, too!

vacation pictures & more 128

My Sister soaking up some rays in the warm waters of Kentucky Lake!

vacation pictures & more 131

Little Sodie-Pop (nickname!) sporting her life vest & getting ready for a swim! What a CRAZY Pup!

Even though I was on vacation, I still managed to get a workout in 4 out of the 5 days we were gone!

I got up early three mornings to take a run & do exercises using resistance bands + do some much needed AB exercises (I did all of this outside on our deck so I could take in the lake view!). I followed up my workouts with a round of golf most mornings (joined by Ben & Dad – Mom & Ann came along to watch!) then we would hit the lake for the remainder of the day.  I was going for getting up early all mornings, but ended up sleeping through my alarm one day! – I suppose I needed a little extra sleep or something that day.

I did slalom-skiing & wakeboarding each day also (might post some pics of these activities later, but do not have any on my phone to post at the moment), which accounts for a bit more exercise in each day!  Woo!

Overall, I was happy with my level of ‘active’  for being on vacation.

I took along protein shakes & Shakeology, but only ended up making use of the Greenberry


I made Shakeology for breakfast (post-workout) 3 of the 5 days…a great way to start the day, for sure!

We returned home yesterday afternoon & I already had my mind set that I would head over to the ‘Y’ and get a good “back-home” workout in after I unpacked all my bags (that makes the 4th workout out of 5 days)…that is exactly what I did, too! I seriously COULD NOT WAIT to get back to the ‘Y’.

It felt AWESOME to be back in the gym.  As much as I enjoyed my outdoor workouts at the lake, I was ready to get back to the air conditioned gym & all the equipment it has to offer! Megan went with me & we spent a good 1.5 hours there sweating through a pretty-good workout.  I mainly stayed with cardio on the ARC & Elliptical, plus added some AB exercises near the last 15-20 minutes.  By the time we finished, it was 7 o’clock…supper time! So, we found our way to (drum-roll)… 


I love Subway. YUM!

We also managed to squeeze in a little night walk after eating Subway, because we still had conversation to catch up on since we had not seen or talked to one another for at least a week or so.  The walk was HOT, but bearable.

This morning my alarm went off at 6 in order for me to be at the Y in time to teach


at 7.  I had a full class & was SUPER EXCITED to be back in the group exercise room teaching & pumping my body Open-mouthed smile

I was halfway through the class & realized how much harder BodyPUMP is when you take a week off ~ once you are used to doing it two-three times a week! WOW, it was a CHALLENGING class for me, but made me feel GREAT because I was lifting heavy & sweating like crazy.  – That told me I was definitely getting in a good workout!

Well, come to find out, there was a mix-up with instructors & we did not have an instructor there at the ‘Y’ to teach the 8:15 BodyPUMP class that followed my early one…therefore,  once I got finished wiith my class, I was nominated to teach it again! TWO BodyPUMP classes back-to-back, now that was an experience! I used less weight the second time around, about half my normal for the majority of the tracks.  It went surprisingly well, actually! I had way more energy than I expected. It was also a full class, which pumped me up & had me striving to be a FUN & energetic instructor!

After not doing any BodyPUMP for over a week, then starting back up by doing two classes back-to-back, I have a feeling I may be a bit sore tomorrow ~ Oh well, it was worth it. Smile  A great Saturday morning workout, without-a-doubt.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on for too long, I will leave you with a few new PINTEREST MI pics to help motivate myself & you as well! Vacation eats were a little less healthy than my normal, so I am more-than-ready to get back to my more strict, & healthier eating habits…and also work on improvements in those as well! Hopefully I will be able to sqeeze in daily blog posts in order to keep you up-to-date on healthy eating habits & workouts that are to come in July! – Cannot believe tomorrow is July 1…WOW!


challenge to change

You should ALWAYS aim to Challenge yourself!

stomach comparison

Think about this picture before you choose what you put into your mouth to satisfy your stomach!

defined abs

Still working on this…one of these days (I HOPE)

A girl can dream, right?! Winking smile

love this

LIVE the LIFE you LOVE, and LOVE the LIFE you LIVE.

Love it. Red heart

Tomorrow is Sunday & a new month! ~ Therefore, it is a great opportunity to set new goals, make plans to CHALLENGE yourself, and get to work…meaning get in a sweaty workout & make healthy eating choices!