No time for a ‘real’ post this evening. 

My eats have been good this week thus far.  I’ll elaborate tomorrow night perhaps.  I’ve been snapping pictures, just have not had any time to write up a post with them. 

After this past weekend’s eats (@ the JMF Scramble), I’ve got MOTIVATION.  I ate more unhealthy this past weekend then I have in a VERY LONG TIME!  By Sunday evening, I was strategizing how I was going to get back on the band-wagon (& quick)!

So far, my game-plan I thought out on Sunday evening has been going well. 

The Game-plan includes:

* Shakeology OR Protein Shake each day

* NO Chocolate Chips included in my evening snack

         (and NO evening snack if I can cut it out & survive!…meaning no  chocolate animal crackers, no Puffins, no Special K cereal, etc.)

* LOW(er) Carb intake & HIGHER Protein intake daily

* Do the GYM thing, as always! – but step up the cardio intensity (do more HIIT) & strength train in GYM (not just bodyPUMP) 

* Keep track of EVERYTHING in my Fitness/Food FIT Journal!

I’ve got MOTIVATION to push hard these next few weeks, so I hope it sticks around! – because my vacation is right around the corner.  Can you say, swimsuit?! YIKES!

Until I have more time, I want to leave you with different PINTEREST MI that have helped me get determined and inspired to eat healthy & workout HARD these past few days!


Those are some DEFINED arms!

busy getting stronger

Set this one as my iPhone background for now! Love it!

give everything

Another GREAT one! – must always give it EVERYTHING ya got! Everytime.

start doing

Start Doing! Do, Do, Do & you will notice you stop wishing so much Rolling on the floor laughing

i will rock these one day

I WILL sport these in the gym confidently one future day & feel AWESOME about it.  – A goal of mine, & you should make it yours, too!…or, if you already have the booty and toned legs to do it, then by all means, get on it already!

I think you should flaunt it if you’ve worked hard for it!! Winking smile

before you...

One of my new FAVS Smile

Later Gater!