I was a BIT SORE & STIFF this morning when I got out of bed – which is a tad unusual for me…haven’t felt that ‘old’ in quite a while. 

Cycling this morning was GREAT! – Hah! There was only one person besides myself…and that was TIFF, one of my favorite workout gals! Even though it was just us, we still rocked it & both created some good sweat puddles on the floor in the hour we were going strong.  We felt AWESOME at the end of it.

Post Cycling, I had a MINI Protein Shake with the last of my Cookies n Cream protein.  I am bummed that it is gone.  Going to need to get my hands on more, ASAP.

optimum nutrition

After teaching cycling, I worked at the Y until noon.  Came home & played with Sophie, then made lunch to take with me to my grandma’s & eat while I visited.


Wednesday May 23 001   Wednesday May 23 002

Wrap in the making (the usual, with Grilled Chicken today)

All packed up –

Wednesday May 23 004

with the addition of a Hard-Boiled Egg (only ate the white, NO yolk!)

Also packed up a side of Pasta Salad (imagine that!) to enjoy –

Wednesday May 23 003

And packed up TWO of those YUMMY cookies I made yesterday to enjoy for dessert. They were delish, as always!

Before heading to the Y this evening I snacked on some Special K cereal & Chocolate Animal Crackers (1 serving) while I read my book (‘Heart of the Matter’ by Emily Giffin).

weekend blog pics may 19 006       special k

Welcome to the current ‘weaknesses’  of my life!

They are TOO GOOD to resist.  UGH.

This evening was a BodyPUMP night! – I taught tonight & the class was packed full of energy! It was AWESEOME! Now, however, my legs are officially beat.

Tomorrow may need to be a REST DAY, at least for my legs!

SUBWAY sounded AMAZING after I finished teaching BodyPUMP tonight.  So instead of Shakeology, I decided to enjoy a little SUBWAY.

Wednesday May 23 011

My normal Turkey Sub + a mix of roasted Wedgies my Mom fixed!

Also added a few of these to my sub…

Wednesday May 23 005

for the added ‘crunch’ of course!

And, couldn’t resist the Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk I spotted while in the Subway line waiting to order.  I drank half of it on my way home from BodyPUMP – a good recovery fuel after a good workout.  Will likely for sure drink the other half tomorrow!

Wednesday May 23 009


Hoping you all had an enjoyable Wednesday with Healthy Eats & a good workout involved!

Here is some PINTEREST MI to take you into your Thursday! Remain strong, all week long.

dreams don't work

Dream it, then do it.  Yes, or YES?!

I can

always think ‘I CAN!’ – and FIGHT ON.

a good one!

I feel like I train insane sometimes & still remain the same.  Could be that I like food too much. Bummer.


If you do not like it or are not happy with it, change it (or at least attempt to!)

march 25

And the little voice inside will always say ‘Do It! Do It! Do It!’

marh 29

Always try to find the good in each day, even in those where there seems to be none in sight. – You look hard enough & you shall find.

determination is

DETERMINATION.  I love that word.