Started the morning with a workout at the TRACK with Tiff as planned – check it out under ‘Daily Workouts.’  Took my legs a little while to warm-up, but once they did it was a GREAT circuit style workout, as always!

Post-workout eats/breakfast included:

tuesday may 22 001

Hard-boiled Egg White (NO Yolk!)

wednesday may 16 001

1 serving (1 cup) 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk

and not pictured:  a half of a Naner

Lunch today was a meal, since I had to work tonight & knew it would be easiest to take Shakeology with me for dinner.

tuesday may 22 004   tuesday may 22 005

The Basics:  1/2 Low Carb, High Fiber Whole Wheat Tortilla with Sweet Baby Rays, Deli Turkey, and LF Parmesan (pic 1)…then added the extras:  Romaine, Onion, and Red Pepper (pic 2)

I also had a small side of Pasta Salad with this half of a wrap (like last night) & fresh Arehn’s Strawberries to follow!  (neither of these are pictured)

Yesterday I received a package I in the mail. Today, I opened it!…guess what it was?!

tuesday may 22 002

My BodyPUMP 82 routine to learn! – I am PUMPED! 

Haven’t done anymore than open it & take a look at the song selections, but I’m sure it will be a challenging set of tracks just as BodyPUMP 81 is currently!

This afternoon I ran a few errands, took Sophie for a walk at the trail, then made these “little bites of heaven”…

tuesday may 22 007

Healthified Oat Craisen Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I’ve made them before & they are SCRUMPTIOUS! – The recipe is posted under ‘Must Make Recipes’….or will be soon!

I snacked on TWO of them before heading to work. – They were little, practically bite size I tell ya! (okay, so two bites per cookie is better.) Smile 

I went to work at the Y tonight.  Thought I was going to be working the Front Desk from 5-9, but ended up having to fill in as a sub for an instructor who could not make it! Got to teach TWO unexpected classes tonight…meaning got in two unexpected workouts tonight! I LOVE unexpected workouts!

Taught a 45 minute Get on the Ball Class (works butt & abs using stability ball) & then an hour 5k Training class (do run/walk followed by some strength & cardio exercises). 

Ended the evening working the Front Desk, by which time I was BEAT & ready for a little Shakeology!

 tuesday blog 005

Tonight I made my SHAKEOLOGY with SKIM MILK vs. Trop50 OJ since I ate quite a few berries + a half Naner today (the berries were so tasty, I just could NOT stop munching on them!) & wanted to avoid any more extra sugar that I would have got in the Trop 50 Orange Juice.  Milk was the better option, so I gave it a try…& liked it!  Will probably make my shakes that way more often now!

(note:  I still added vanilla light yogurt & a few frozen berries as usual to my shake to make it YUMMY!)

Needless to say, I AM WORN-OUT tonight! The unexpected workouts did me in, especially after the already challenging workout at the track this morning with Tiff. My legs are screaming “SIT DOWN ALREADY.”  – So I am doing just that. Open-mouthed smile

Did you get in your TOUGH TUESDAY workout today?!  I sure hope so.  Keep working hard & keep up the healthy eating habits as we make our way into Halfway Wednesday.

PS, as I was typing I decided to munch on a few pieces of Peppered Beef Jerky! – the workouts must have revved the metabolism, because the Shakeology didn’t quite cut it tonight.

Monday May 21 001 Hope everyone had a great Tuesday.  Keep up your hard work & enjoy a little PINTERST MI to keep you motivated & on top of your game!



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