This Monday morning I spent re-organizing my closet before enjoying SHAKEOLOGY.  Out with the winter clothes, in with the SUMMER!

weekend blog pics may 19 030

Short sleeve Tees & Tanks are in, sweaters are OUT!

After Shakeology & the ‘Catch UP’ post, Soph & I went outdoors to enjoy the weather.  We decided on washing my car, since it was in need of it. – Now it is SHINING like a DIAMOND Open-mouthed smile

I took off for the Y this afternoon about 3:30, so I had time to practice STEP & get the legs warmed-up before I taught at 5.  That didn’t happen. — Ended up having to give a Fitness Orientation, so went into Step tonight cold.  Literally, had goosebumps.  I was SUPER ready to get SWEATY & warm-up!

The evening was Jam Packed with exercise.

* Step-It-Up

* BodyPUMP

* Cycling Practice

All of it felt AWESOME since I took the morning OFF.  By the time I got finished with BodyPUMP,  my protein shake sounded mighty good since my only other EATS besides SHAKEOLOGY today consisted of half a Naner & a thin slice of Pepper Cheese…oh, and an ENERGY DRINK (during Step + BodyPUMP).

Dinner tonight…

Small Cookies n Cream Protein Shake (after BodyPUMP/during Cycling)

when I got home, I whipped up…

Monday May 21 003

Grilled Chicken Wrap (used 1/2 a chicken breast, sliced) with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ, LF Parmesan, Lettuce, Onion, Red Pepper & Sweet Pickles

Small side of Pasta Salad (made fresh tonight by my Mother Smile)

Not pictured…I also munched on a few bites of left-over greenie beenie weenies from my Mom & Dad’s supper tonight.

The entire meal HIT THE SPOT!  After the ‘sweaty mess’ workout tonight (a little under 3 hours total) I was in need of a refueling meal for sure.

There will be NO Sweet Treat tonight.  Had enough birthday dessert yesterday to hold me over for tonight.

Now I’m off to continue one of the things that has kept me from blogging these past few days! 

heart of the matter

An EXCELLENT Book I started reading a few days ago, now CANNOT put down.  I LOVE reading books written by Emily Giffin. 

If you have never read her books, may I suggest you pick up ‘Something Borrowed’ & ‘Something Blue’  — two books of hers that go hand-in-hand that I am sure you will enjoy!!

Tomorrow’s agenda looks like an AM TRACK WORKOUT is planned with TIFF that I am SUPER EXCITED about, as always!  We push each other every time, but enjoy it since we get to go through the SWEAT, PAIN, and PERSERVERANCE together Smile – That’s why we always go back for more!


This = how I feel about our track workouts to a T.

Until next time…Here is the good ‘ol PINTEREST MI that I LOVE (and hope you do, also!)


STRONG Core…I want that!


Strength = Persistence.

good one

I’ve made improvements in myself (aka = eating habits) since yesterday, have you?


Nothing but RIPPED.

winners don't quit

I am no QUITTER, are you? – FIGHT ON!

Happy Monday!