Talk about being away for a while.  I have been for sure.  The days just DO NOT have enough hours in them.

I’ve just decided to post a combination of pics from the last several days of eats.  It is not everything I have consumed in this time-slot by any means, but the main meals are covered at least. The snacking, is not.  This weekend included a lot of snacking, some un-necessary sweet treats, and birthday dessert to celebrate my Dad & Grandma’s birthdays.

Needless to say, I was SUPER EXCITED to get back to my SHAKEOLOGY for lunch today.  I am enjoying it as I write, and it is DELICIOUS. The healthiest meal of the day = Check : )

weekend blog pics may 19 031

Thursday eats…


weekend blog pics may 19 002


weekend blog pics may 19 003


I went to Wal-Mart on Thursday (enjoyed my Shakeology on the way) & came home with these…

weekend blog pics may 19 006       weekend blog pics may 19 005

BAD IDEA.  I’ve been snacking on them all weekend. – It is the first & last time I will be purchasing these because I don’t have enough Self Control for them. Words of Advice to you…don’t even think about buying them.  Just stick with NO!

Afternoon Snack before work…

weekend blog pics may 19 010

Whole Grain Bread dipped in Pizza Sauce & LF Parmesan Cheese


weekend blog pics may 19 011

Sweet Tater (sliced and baked) with Low Sodium Seasoning Salt

Not pictured = Sliced Honey Smoked Turkey (from Deli)

Dessert (packed to take to work, but ended up eating after I got home)

weekend blog pics may 19 009

1 serving Chocolate Animal Crackers, PUFFINS, Chocolate Chips


No Breakfast — Was busy doing STEP & Cycling. Check out the sweat puddles I had going on the floor during my cycling practice… Gross, I know.  But you know what they say, “sweat is liquid AWESOME.” Hah!

weekend blog pics may 19 013

weekend blog pics may 19 015

This is my shirt I was wearing during the two morning workout adventures.  See the very small light-colored grey part on the upper LEFT side? – that’s what color the entire shirt started out as.  LOL.  I call this ‘A Sweaty Mess.’

Lunch was at Winkler’s with Katy after cleaning up from all the workouts.

Enjoyed a YUMMY salad!

weekend blog pics may 19 016

Romaine Lettuce, Grilled chicken, Mandarin Oranges, Cheese, Celery, Tomatoes & Walnuts.  — Used the delicious Feta Cheese Dressing sparingly.

Friday afternoon I whipped up…

Chocolate Cupcakes, a healthified version I found on PINTEREST.

weekend blog pics may 19 019        weekend blog pics may 19 018

The only TWO ingredients were a can of PUMPKIN & a box of Devil’s Food Cake mix.  – Super Easy & WAY TOO GOOD.


Was with my parents & family friends at Wings and Rings – definitely not my favorite place to eat, but once in a while I’ll go for it.

weekend blog pics may 19 020

Mom ordered appetizer chips & salsa, so I helped myself to a few. They were ‘eh.’  – not good enough for seconds.

weekend blog pics may 19 022

I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (in a wheat wrap) with FF Ranch Dressing on the side.

I told them I did NOT want the Saratoga chips that their wraps come with, but instead substituted an order of Broccoli (that I only ate half of, because I’m pretty sure it was steamed or cooked in butter or some type of oil by the looks & taste of it…and probably not EVOO given that it is a restaurant & they like the cheap, not good for you oils.  A nice reminder to me that these days you need to always say “steam my veggies PLAIN…Don’t use any oil or butter on them.  THANK YOU!” – I forgot to say this. Bummer.)

Overall, not impressed with this meal at all. Would rather have made my own meal at home. For sure.



Cookies n Cream Protein Shake after BodyPUMP

Lunch was at the YMCA because I was there for the duration of the day taking CPR and First Aid certification class.

weekend blog pics may 19 023

They were SUPER KIND & went to get us SUBWAY (whatever we wanted!! – So I got my usual) & I also managed to throw some Baked Lays Original chips on my plate (which I put on my sandwich for added crunch) & also added a Chocolate Cookie (because it looked & sounded too YUMMY to pass up.  I ended up eating half of it & saving the other half – which I ate Saturday night.)


weekend blog pics may 19 024

Salad with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. Fixing included: Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Onion, Raw Almonds, Craisens, & LF Parmesan 

Not Pictured – Rotisserie white meat chicken dipped in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ.


Breakfast = Banana while Golfing

Lunch after golfing –

weekend blog pics may 19 026

Turkey Wrap (using High Fiber, Low Carb, Whole Wheat wrap I picked up from Wal-Mart), with lettuce, pickle, pepper cheese, onion, & Sweet Baby Rays.

Cashews & Veggie Chips (I stuffed these in my wrap as I ate it to add the necessary ‘crunch’ to it that I love!)