HUMP DAY! WHOOP! Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday started out with a WORKOUT! ARC Trainer…something I haven’t been on in a while. Did 30 minutes of hard hills, then spent the rest of the morning focusing on core work.  Did about 15 minutes on my own, then tried a Les Mills class with other Y instructors called CXWorx – a 30 minute intense core workout.  It was GREAT! 

All that core work allowed me to be one TINY step closer to these…


Hah! – Maybe one day Open-mouthed smile

Just finished up teaching a full & FUN BodyPUMP class tonight! – It was an AWESOME workout because the participants & myself were all very energetic!

If you’ve never tried BodyPUMP, I highly suggest you do.  You will be hooked.


After the morning workout I got to enjoy the rest of my 1% Chocolate Milk.

wednesday may 16 001

HIT THE SPOT, perfectly.

Mid morning snack while cleaning…

wednesday may 16 002

2 Hard-boiled Eggs…Whites only

Whites are GOOD & Healthy because they are packed with high quality proteins, Yolks are NOT so healthy…They are high in the BAD Cholesterols – LDL & VLDL.

My advice is always ditch the yolks.

Mom wanted to bring SUBWAY home for us to enjoy over our lunch hour, & I definitely didn’t object to it!

wednesday may 16 003

My order was ~ 6’’ on Wheat.  Turkey, NO cheese.  Not toasted.  Lettuce, Spinach, Banana Peppers, Jalapeños, Onions, Cucumber, FF Honey Mustard

This is the only sub I ever get from SUBWAY because I enjoy it TOO MUCH to try anything else.

With my sub I also munched on Carrots with FF Fiesta Ranch Dip (if you want to know how to make this delicious dip, just go to ‘Must-Make Recipes’ because I posted for ya all there.)

APRIL 30 PART 2 004     APRIL 30 PART 2 006

SUBWAY in H-Burg offers ‘Free Cookie Day’ every Wednesday…yes, they are just that awesome! Therefore, my Mom ended up getting 2 chocolate chip cookies with our order today.

I opted only to sample a piece of the cookie & leave the rest lay on the table for who-ever else might want it.

wednesday may 16 004

This is the remaining portion, still on my kitchen table. Even though the sample tasted was YUMMY, I will be pitching it tonight if my Pops doesn’t want to enjoy it…Mom had her own today, which she only ate part of as well. She takes after me. LOL. Winking smile

Afternoon Snack before heading over to teach BodyPUMP was a few Cashews.

wednesday may 16 006

Don’t worry, definitely didn’t eat all of those! Snacked on about 10-15. The recommended serving of nuts is ONE SMALL PALM-FULL.

Moderation is definitely key when it comes to any NUT.

After BodyPUMP I downed a Cookies-n-Cream Protein Shake I took with me to the Y.  It tasted AWESOME after finished the crazy, sweaty workout.

Since I had a protein shake, I opted to skip Shakeology tonight….it is definitely going to be my lunch tomorrow – without a doubt! I’m already craving it.

When I got home from teaching, I wanted to add some more veggies to the day & still had a little appetite, so in addition to my protein shake (part of my supper) I whipped up…

wednesday may 16 008

Veggie Kabobs

Veggies included:  Red & Yellow Peppers, Purple Onion, & Sweet Taters

I was only able to eat two of the kabobs, because I also ended up sampling one small BBQ rib my Dad had made.

Both items were SUPER TASTY.  — But now, I am full. 

Did you all get in your HUMP Day workout today? I sure hope so. 

If you are struggling with your eating habits lately or just with the quantity of food that you consume each day, then I suggest you buy a small notebook and start keeping a FOOD JOURNAL.

Five star notebook

My friend and I have both once again taken up the habit since it is something we both always used to do in the past.  It has proven to be rather helpful for both of us in keeping a good mind-set on our eating choices (minus this past weekend…mainly because I was dumb & chose not to write in it. See where it got me?)

Prime Example…

Last night when I had to write in my FIT JOURNAL that I’d had the Oatmeal Cookie from SUBWAY, I got mad & upset at myself for choosing to eat it because I didn’t want to have to write that down.  Kept saying in my head ‘why, why, why? did I have to eat that dumb cookie?!’

So today, when Mom brought home another cookie from SUBWAY for me, I re-called that feeling I got last night when writing down I had eaten the WHOLE cookie.  The thought of me having to write down in my journal that I’d eaten another cookie today made me not really want to eat it.  I was content with writing down that I’d eaten two bites to ‘sample’ it & that I was able to stop after that.  SELF-CONTROL. – Shows improvement from the day before, which is GREAT!

Food Journaling is seriously a GREAT way to get your eating habits in check.

Get a notebook, & get started.  ASAP.

Until tomorrow night, here is the motivation & inspiration to keep us in check. – PINTEREST MI.

tuesday blog

Strong & Toned


True, so write it ALL down. Every last bite. 

Hold yourself accountable for your actions.

good core

Slim and TIGHT Core.  — I’d take that any day Rolling on the floor laughing

when you finish

I LOVE this one! – yet another picture of ROCK SOLID ABS!

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Keep that in mind.  I will try to as well.

attain and maintain

Attain and Maintain

It is HARD to Attain. It is even HARDER to Maintain.