Today was PURE AWESOME-ness.

Started out with a refreshing, intense workout at the school track with Tiff.  We did another circuit style workout (like last time). Consisted of ~

* Running many bleachers

* Arm/Back exercises with Free Weights


* Tri-cep Dips & Push-ups

* AB Exercises

* Fast Runs + jogs.

It was…

next 7

No Joke.

After I finished that workout, my appetite was no-where in sight, so I just waited until it hit to eat.  That means, I had no breakfast today.  But I’m okay with that.  I know you are thinking “that is weird, because she was all about making sure she ate breakfast every morning a few weeks ago.”  Why the change? —

I never watch Doctor Oz, but I was at my grandma’s house visiting last week & a doctor on his show said you shouldn’t eat breakfast until your hunger strikes.  If it does not, then DO NOT force yourself to eat ‘the most important meal of the day.’ –- He said eating breakfast without feeling hungry only sets you up to consume more calories throughout the remainder of the day. 

Therefore, NO MORE breakfast unless I am hungry & wanting it!

At about noon I was ready for some yumminess, so made myself a SHAKEOLOGY.

tuesday blog 005

It was so darn DELICIOUS Rolling on the floor laughing – Hit the spot on this HOT day!

After enjoying my Shakeology, I headed out to LHV (Lake Helmerich Village) to KAYAK around the lake with Megan. 

We only had time to go for about an hour & a half, but so worth it.   It was a GREAT ARM workout, yet relaxing at the same time because the water was so smooth & peaceful. Hoping we can do it again on Thursday!

Snack when I returned home consisted of ~

tuesday may 1 014

One Whole Grain WASA Cracker with a slice of Pepper Cheese

followed by…

monday blog 002

Fresh Arehn’s Strawberries – sweetened with a bit of Splenda.


After my snack came WORK at the Y.

It was a good night at the Y.  Had lots to do, so was able to stay productive & busy the whole time. – Still managed to find time to squeeze in dinner at about 7 o’clock, though.

For Dinner I packed a pretty little big Salad.

tuesday blog 006

My salad consisted of ~ Romaine, Broccoli Slaw, Almonds, Craisens, Crushed Flax seeds, 2 Hard-boiled eggs (whites only) & LF Parmesan.

with FF Italian dressing

I also took a small handful of Cashews along to snack on during my shift.

A co-worker ended up offering me a

SUBWAY Oatmeal Raisen Cookie while I was there, so I kindly accepted & enjoyed that for dessert.  I shouldn’t have opted to take one, but it tasted pretty darn good.

On my way home from work, the thought of Chocolate Milk sounded AMAZING! – I’m wondering if it wasn’t because of the crazy good workout this morning…my body telling me it wasn’t quite refueled yet, especially because I didn’t drink a protein shake today.

So, I stopped off for a little 1% chocolate milk for my ride home!

tuesday blog 008

It tasted BETTER than I even expected! – So good.

I drank half of it (one serving) & I am saving the other serving for tomorrow after my morning workout. – already looking forward to enjoying it!

Even though I ate a cookie today, I’m still happy & satisfied with my workouts + eating habits this Tuesday.  

Healthy Eating Habits & Workouts definitely have an effect on my mood, that’s for sure…I feel way better than I did Sunday & yesterday.

Did you have a KICK-BUTT workout today? Or any workout?  And healthy eating habits?  If so, I bet you are starting to feel better about yourself & noticing an increase in your mood, eh? – Keep up the HARD WORK…FIGHT ON!

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!  Whooop!  Open-mouthed smile  Plan for a GREAT WORKOUT in tomorrow’s schedule & make it happen, got it?

Here is a little PINTEREST MI to keep you (and me!) going strong into Wednesday —


I LOVE this! – I LOL-ed & thought of my workout with Tiff this morning – Hard, but so ready to do it again!


Always pretend someone important is watching you while you work-out…try your hardest. Always.

very nice

FIGHT ON…Maybe we’ll get to look down & see these solid ABS in the future! 

tuesday may 8 number 2

Always remember that.  I sure need to.