She’s BACK!

Sorry I haven’t been updating you these last several days.  I’ve had no spare time for blogging.

To fill you in…This weekend was both GREAT & CRAPPY. 

GREAT because it was filled with BodyPUMP, Golf at the Pete Dye course in French Lick, and a Sunday FUN-day spent with family!

sunday may 13 050

CRAPPY because I did A LOT of snacking and also ate foods that I hardly ever touch! – I had Chocolate light ice cream on Friday night.

sunday may 13 019

Saturday was a ‘snacking’ kind of day – most of eats were healthy, but un-needed calories.  Also included some alcoholic beverages, which are by far the most ‘empty calories’ one can possibly consume.  But the night was FUN with my sister, cousins, and friends!

sunday may 13 053

And Sunday, oh geez.  I don’t even want to talk about Mother’s day.

Started out with breakfast at Denny’s with my grandma, grandpa & aunt to celebrate Mother’s day – Ann & I both got a skillet breakfast off of the FIT menu. <—was super surprised they had this!

It included broccoli, red potatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, & cherry tomatoes sautéed, then topped with two egg whites mixed with spinach & served with salsa. It was YUMMY.

We spent the rest of the day at my Nanny’s after breakfast working on household projects she needed completed.

Supper last night was with the other side of our family at my Aunt/Uncle’s house. The line-up consisted of:  Salad, Gaslight pizza, Breadsticks (with AWESOME cheese sauce) and dessert. – let’s just say I ate WAY TOO MUCH of it all. 

Gaslight pizza is basically the only pizza I like well enough to ‘indulge’ in, so I hopped on the band-wagon last night & ate it with the rest of my entire family. It was good, but this morning I felt huge regret for my food choices this weekend. 

you can't hope wish

And my actions this weekend got me no-where closer to FIT. No way, no how. 

No workout on Sunday-Funday + Crappy Eating Habits = makes me feel like I took 100 steps backward this weekend, away from Fit-Spiration…


However, we all have a bad day occasionally (or bad days, in this instance).  The main thing is that you DO NOT keep the negative attitude, or the ‘I lost all I worked for’ mind-set.  — Just get your GAME FACE back on & have a hell-of-a -week following a rough weekend.

I’m going to do just that.  My friend & I were talking tonight about how we can tell such a difference in our energy levels when our eating habits “go off course.”  Do you ever notice this in yourself?

Eating healthy makes a world of difference in your health & your body.

* It obviously allows you to LOOK good (when done consistently!…what I struggle with.)

* Gives you WAY more energy than eating JUNK or FATTY foods ever could!

* Elevates your mood & gives you the ‘I CAN’ attitude, vs. the ‘I CAN’T’

change it

We are both getting back on track with healthy habits this week, and we want YOU to join us!

I seriously felt so SHITTY all day today, with zero energy.  I had to teach STEP-IT UP tonight & seriously DID NOT feel like doing it at all.  <– it is super rare for me to take on this attitude.

I still felt miserable & had a horrible mind-set before leaving for work. – I did not feel like working out.  AT ALLBut, I knew that once I got there my mind-set would change, and it did.

wed blog 3

I practiced STEP for about an hour before teaching a KICK-BUTT Step-It-Up class.  I had so much energy to burn off during it that I was PUMPED UP & energized the whole time!

Following step I did BODYPUMP & pushed myself hard.  I was a participant tonight instead of instructor, so was able to focus on my form & weighted up on a few of the tracks to push myself.  I followed BodyPUMP up with a little YOGA class.

Went from not wanting to exercise to not wanting to STOP exercising!

So what gave?  — Driving to the Y, I thought to myself…

it is what it is

“It is what it is”  – referring to the weekend and my unusual eating habits.  I can’t go back and change them, so I might as well stop the Negative Nancy & move the F*** on.  And that’s exactly what I did.  Left my negativity at the door of the Y & went in with a different mind-set.  To WORK HARD, get the endorphins flowing, & get the DETERMINED mind-set back!

the high of exercise

Amazing how much you can turn your attitude around if you choose too.  By the time I left the Y tonight I felt AWESOME.  & was so glad I made the choice to have a good WORK-OUT.

Moral of the story =


Seriously. Just go.  Give it ten minutes & guarantee you’ll end up feeling energized & ready to pound out a good workout.

Hope you all had GREAT weekends.  I’m glad to be back Smile


Always believe in yourself. 


Never give up….FIGHT ON.

Each day is another day to make the change…to be the person you wish to be.