Happy Tuesday Ya’ All.

Today started out with a TRACK (at Southridge Track) WORKOUT, circuit style.

Consisted of…

* Running Laps around track

* Push-ups (100), Planks, AB exercises, Tri-cep Dips (60)

* Brazilian Butt Lift Squats (40) + Lunges (70)

* Running Bleachers/Stairs

It was an AWESOME work-out, mainly because it felt so GREAT outside – Temperature was perfect.

Breakfast/Lunch was combined after the workout.

tuesday may 8 001Ate some fresh Blackberries to hold me over while I whipped up some Asian Slaw.

tuesday may 8 003

I had this helping + another the same size for my lunch.  — That is my snack size bowl.  I chose it because the game plan was to only sample the Asian Slaw after I finished making it, then have Shakeology for lunch & take the slaw to the Y for supper.  It was too good, so I decided to eat more & make Shakeology my supper, instead!

To make the Asian Slaw…

tuesday may 8 005   tuesday may 8 006

Started by making this Italian Dressing.  It called for vinegar, water, and oil.

I used Wild Tree Natural Grape-seed Oil

tuesday may 8 007  

 tuesday may 8 009

I then added Soy Sauce & some Sugar to this Italian Dressing.

Crunched up a pack of raw Ramen noodles (threw out the season mix) + added Honey Roasted Almonds.

tuesday may 8 004

blog monday may 7 016

Used packaged Cabbage mix & cut up Green onions

Put it all together and you have Asian Slaw. YUM.

Snacked this afternoon at the Y (since I went in to work at 2:30) on a few NUTS/Raisens out of the Fruit & Nut mix I had left over from Breakfast Sunday morning.

Dinner tonight was Shakeology!  All packed up & made at the Y while working.  — How?  I took my single serving blender along! Oooo-yeah!

tuesday may 8 010

Frozen Fruit + Fresh Strawberries

tuesday may 8 011

Light n Fit Strawberry Yogurt

tuesday may 8 012

Tropicana 50 OJ

Plus a scoop of Greenberry


Blended it all up & enjoyed while at work this evening (since I worked until 9).  Perfect meal to have for a work shift.

I also packed a serving of Puffins to munch on for my sweet treat later in the night.  Left OUT the Chocolate chips, though.

When I got home tonight, I enjoyed another snack-size bowl of Asian Slaw – versus choosing more of a snack-type food…like Special K & chocolate chips, or Special K chips. 

I have a long way to go before I’m where I want to be, but I’m happy with my food choices/Shakeology & excellent workout today…made it through DAY 2 of getting geared up for SUMMER-TIME with the help of SHAKEOLOGY.

Tomorrow is Wednesday & I am PUMPED because I get to do BodyPUMP in the AM with one AWESOME instructor who is super-motivating.  She’s had 3 kids & still has a super-toned body.  She lives by a healthy lifestyle & I hope when I am her age I can look half as in-shape as she does!

I definitely look highly upon all the instructors at the Y!  They keep me working hard on a daily basis. Smile

I hope your Wednesday goes well.  Keep an open mind & remember that any small change you make in your eating habits makes you one step closer to living a healthy lifestyle!

Here is the PINTEREST MI to keep us going strong as we hit the half-way mark of the week.

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